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vava 4k projector
score 84
38% off

VAVA Chroma Projector

The VAVA Chroma uses cutting-edge triple laser technology and ALPD 4.0 to deliver striking visuals with precise color accuracy and a 106% rec 2020 color gamut.

briiv air purifier
score 88

Briiv – Natural Air Purifier

Briiv uses 100% natural and renewable materials, which means that the air in your room or office will be safe and clean. Good air quality is crucial as it can improve your sleep and energy.

rebo smart bottle
score 80
11% off

REBO – Smart Bottle

For every one bottle you drink, one plastic bottle is being collected. The company does this using Bluetooth technology implanted in the cap of the bottle, linking your bottle with your phone to share with REBO.

VOCE Lossless LE Audio receiver
score 80
43% off

VOCE – The First Lossless LE Audio and Broadcast Transceiver

A built-in microphone, DAC, amplifier, 5.2 Bluetooth version, and a Back clip design.

Gravastar Gaming Earbuds
score 78
38% off

Gravastar Gaming Earbuds

A unique Sci-Fi Design, knowles Balanced Armatures, 65ms Latency for Hardcore Gamers, and 24H Battery Life.

score 78
50% off

Long-Range Electric Bike – Crowncruiser

Integrated Bluetooth connectivity, Gyro & Accelerometer Sensor, wireless charging, and customization options are all available in the long-range e-bike Crowncruiser.

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MagEasy WorkStation
score 75
37% off

MagEasy™ – Hybrid Workstation

A magnetic board that helps you organize your workstation by sticking your cards, phone and notes onto the board using magnet.

flip pack waterproof backpack
score 65
50% off

FlipPack – Waterproof Backpack by Korin Design

The backpack is anti-theft, water resistant, has an improved ergonomic support system and has magnetic secret pockets.

score 82
50% off

Flash Pro – Portable Wireless Charger

Flash Pro has a battery that will last for five years, a display for checking remaining battery percentages, an Aircraft Grade shell, and a wireless charging option.