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score 91
50% off

Mango Power Home Battery Backup

Mango Power Union is the world’s first detachable home battery backup, with a supercharged 6.9 kWh capacity battery.

Productivity gadgets
score 77
33% off

FOCI 2: The Ultimate Productivity Tool

Tracking your mental health, stress levels, and anxiety isn't' an easy task, especially when you're' determined to finish a job. The FOCI 2, the emotion tracker wearable is here to help you out.

score 74
54% off

Novabot: Autonomous Lawn Mower and Security Monitor

The Novabot is an autonomous lawn mower and security monitor developed by LF Intelligence, a company with ties to the University of Pennsylvania.

flick twist
score 85
20% off

Flic Twist: A Smart Wireless Dial

Flic Twist is a wireless dial for intuitive control of lights, music, and more without voice or apps.

score 93
52% off

HyperJuice 245W USB-C Battery Pack & GaN Charger

HyperJuice is the world's most powerful 245W GaN Charger & 245W USB-C Battery Pack with 4 x USB-C Ports.

author clock
score 90
20% off

Author Clock – A Unique Way of Time Telling

With over 2000 quotes from authors across the world, this timepiece uses a unique quote every minute that incorporates that exact time into it.

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score 80
34% off

EGO EXINNO – The highest Output Charger

Exinno’s 6 USB ports are each equipped with independent fast charging chips. When 6 ports are utilized at the same time, they can all enter the fast charging state.

pivo pod
score 90
46% off

Pivo Pod X: Motion Tracking Phone Mount – Review

Pivo Pod X is a pivoting tripod with a camera that follows you, perfect for live streaming and video calls, which was designed to make your filming quick and easy.

vava 4k projector
score 84
38% off

VAVA Chroma Projector

The VAVA Chroma uses cutting-edge triple laser technology and ALPD 4.0 to deliver striking visuals with precise color accuracy and a 106% rec 2020 color gamut.