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Fuell Fllow

The Fuell Fllow is loaded with safety and luxury features like front and side collision warning, blind spot detector, linked intelligence ABS, and much more.

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O-Lock – The Smart Bike Lock

LAAS gives you the opportunity to share your bike with the ones you want. With a tap on your phone, you can share the encrypted code with your friends and family through your favorite texting app.

livall pikeboost
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Livall PikaBoost – E-Bike Conversion Kit

The e-bike has great potential to encourage people to switch from motorized to active transportation. Studies show that those who purchase an e-bike more than double their use of bicycles for transportation.

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Earzz – Smart Home Monitor

Earzz uses secure cloud infrastructure with tools and features to guarantee network security, safe access control, and data encryption

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Velites Storm – The Ultimate Fitness BackPack

From storing your gear and gym apparel to organizing your things when you're traveling, Velites Storm will become your elegant daily-use backpack while holding everything you need for a successful workout.

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Quatro City – Interactive Story-Telling Puzzle Quest

Quatro city is a brand-new type of wooden puzzle that combines a jigsaw puzzle, an interactive story-telling quest, and a detective twist.

Backfire Zealot Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

Backfire Zealot Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Review

This board differentiates itself by having a very high top speed (46KM/h / 28.5MPH), an above-average range of 28-36km / 17.5-22miles, and great design. 

Exway Flex Electric Skateboard Review

Exway Flex Electric Skateboard Review: All You Need to Know

An electric skateboard with premium features and a budget-friendly price sounds like a dream. In this case, the Exway Flex electric skateboard seems to be that dream.