Best smart curtains: Top 10 to secure your privacy

Smart gadgets and tools are entering our homes more and more. Constant technological innovations recreate the idea of convenience every day and make us even more curious about new additions that will save us energy. Smart motorized curtains are another addition to your house that is comfortable and efficient. 

Smart motorized curtains are another nice choice for your smart house and definitely are worth considering. Wanna enjoy your days with the best heat and light controllers? Scroll down and check out the 10 best smart curtains we picked. Our award winners will enhance your convenience specter with their motorized features. 

Features to Look for Before Buying Your Best Smart Curtains


It’s essential to check whether you’re purchasing the motor only or the motor with the curtains. If you already have your curtains and need only a motor to automate your curtains, look for options that are flexible with sizes and can work with any length to avoid inconvenience. 

Type of Curtains

Don’t forget to check if your motor works with horizontal or vertical drapes. If your curtains are vertical, you need to choose a motor that works with vertical drapes. In case of having horizontal curtains look for a motor that works with horizontal curtains.

Noise Level

In some cases, motorized smart curtains can be a bit noisy when operating. So be careful with reviews and check if the motor is quiet enough.

Material and Blackout Level

Usually, motors that come with their curtains are made of plastic or polyester (in the case of vertical drapes). It’s important to consider the material and the blackout percentage it provides. The level of heat and light control will depend on that.


Check out the ways to can control your smart curtains. It would be better if you had multiple ways of controlling your curtains, including remote control, app, and voice control. And check if they’re compatible with your smart home assistants.

Automated Features

Before making a choice between the best smart curtains, always make sure they contain enough automated features like time scheduling, app, and voice controls.


Before purchasing smart curtains, it’s essential to check if they are suitable for your room’s design. Be careful and look for designs that will suit your house to avoid disappointments. 

1. Somfy Clever Tilt Blind Motor Kit

Somfy Clever Tilt Blind Motor Kit
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Easy to install❌Low battery life
✔️Easy to use❌Non-compatible with vinyl/aluminum, cordless, plastic headrails
✔️Great value for money


  • Product Dimensions: 18″L x 12″ W
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 2.55 Pounds
  • Closure Type: Cordless, Motorized

Starting with one of the best smart curtains – Somfy Clever Tilt Blind Motor Kit. Definitely, one to try! A very friendly motorization upgrade that will help you to conveniently control the level of indoor light, heat, and privacy with saving energy. The kit comes with everything to make your life easier: Tilt Blind Motor, head rail, tilt rod adaptors, Somfy Situo 5 variation remote control, rechargeable battery, and an instruction guide. 

The Somfy Clever Tilt Blind Motor Kit is effortless to install. It just takes you three simple steps. Somfy Clever Tilt Blind Motor Kit is compatible with almost all horizontal blinds. 

What makes this product even more attractive is that it’s easy to use with Google Assistant and Alexa. Somfy Clever Tilt Blind Motor Kit is easily integrated into your smart home.

2. THIRDREALITY ZigBee Smart Blind

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Easy to install❌No colors
✔️Quiet motor❌Monolith remote control
✔️Can fit any height of window up to 72 inches


  • Product Dimensions: 72″L x 29″W
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 2.35 Pounds
  • Closure Type: Blackout, Cordless

This smart curtain is another perfect choice –  THIRDREALITY ZigBee Smart Blind. Want to adjust sizes? Please. THIRDREALITY ZigBee Smart Blind is DIY friendly and allows you to adjust sizes depending on your preference.

Why it’s one of the best smart curtains? Easy! THIRDREALITY ZigBee Smart Blind ensures security, privacy, and noise reduction. You will have the chance to control the light and temperature of your room with this energy-saving curtain. What’s more essential, your beautiful dreams won’t be interrupted by outside noise. Sounds great.

Its convenient design makes it suitable for any space in your house. THIRDREALITY ZigBee Smart Blind’s compatibility with smart devices makes it an even better choice.

3. Homesupplier Smart Curtains, Remote Control Curtain Rod

Homesupplier Smart Curtains, Remote Control Curtain Rod
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Smooth operations❌No extra screws
✔️Effortless installation


  • Product Dimensions: ‎162 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: ‎9 Pounds
  • Horsepower: ‎40 Watts
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 80 Pounds

Do you have heavy curtains? No worries! Up next, we check Homesupplier Smart Curtain. Made with thick aluminum, it carries up to 80 lbs.

Homesupplier Smart Curtain has an abundant pack of smart functions. Wanna customize the schedule of opening and closing? It is effortless with this curtain. Homesupplier Smart Curtain includes time scheduling, opening position customization, sunset, and sunrise automation, pull-to-open technology, and hands-on control when power is off. 

With the detailed instructions, you will have no issue setting and controlling the curtains via apps and voice controllers. Quiet functionality, smooth operations, happy homies.

4. SwitchBot Blind Tilt

 SwitchBot Blind Tilt
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️10-minute installation❌Pads don’t hold well on smooth-painted steel
✔️Light sensor❌Works only with horizontal blinds
✔️Contains a solar panel


  • Product Dimensions: 1.92″L x 11.5″ W
  • Item Weight: 0.83 Pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Special Feature: Tool-Free Installation

Let’s have a look at another candidate for the best smart curtains. SwitchBot Blind Tilt, will not only enhance the efficiency of your smart home but also will save energy as it comes with a solar panel. 

SwitchBot Curtain senses light and intuitively adjusts to it, creating a more convenient and pleasant environment. With just 3 simple steps, you will have a nice smart addition to your home that will keep everything simple, quiet, and effortless.

Purchase one, and you will want to automate all of your curtains with Switchbot Curtain. Rush! Enter the Switchbot ecosystem and create a seamless experience with this life-changing smart curtain. 

5. Silky Rider Curtain Smart Control System

Silky Rider Curtain Smart Control System
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Long-lasting❌Limited smart functions
✔️Trusted by hotels
✔️Works with all types of pulling cords


  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Components: Batteries included

Moving to the Silky Rider Curtain Smart Control System for Traverse Rod, which is a winner in the best smart curtains for living room category. Need a smart curtain that can work under high pressure and remain functional? This is the best choice you can make!

The types of curtains that this smart system works with are limitless. Your curtains can be at any height and have any length. It’s not a problem for this best smart curtain. The Silky Rider Curtain Smart Control System comes with its own controller and has 10 onboard smart controlling systems, automating your experience.

This was definitely what you were looking for! Control light, heat, and your mood with this trusted and long-lasting smart curtain. You won’t regret it.

6. Quoya QL500 Smart Curtains System

Quoya QL500 Smart Curtains System
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Works with heavy curtains❌No option to choose the side of the opening
✔️Percentage control


  • Product Dimensions: 62 x 49.6 x 49.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.8 Pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Power: 40W
  • Voltage: AC100-240V
  • Motor strength: 1.2 Nm Torque

With its powerful motor, Quoya QL500 Smart Curtain is another good choice and is considered as one of the best smart curtains. Its revolutionary smart system and easy-flowing operations surely provide the best experience. 

Quoya Smart curtains system has numerous automated and useful features such as scheduled routines (sunrise and sunset), auto stop, and position memory. Even though the motor is powerful, it makes no noise. 

Want to close your curtains halfway? No problem! Quoya QL500 Smart Curtains System has percentage control tracks that feature. With this smart addition, you will get both the remote control and an application to have a more effortless controlling system.

7. Yoolax Motorized Curtain with Remote Electric Curtain Rods

Yoolax Motorized Curtain with Remote Electric Curtain Rods
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Already comes with motorized curtains❌Opens only from the middle
✔️Nice design


  • Product Dimensions: 157.48″L x 78.74″ W
  • Material: Polyester
  • Curtain Form: Drapes
  • Wire Length: 78 inches
  • Motor work: Under 100V-240V

Want to have already motorized curtains, not just the motor? Sure! Yoolax Motorized Curtains are the best option for you. 

These motorized drapes perfectly block out sunlight and UV rays. Yoolax Motorized Curtains adjust to the weather and ensure the perfect temperature inside your house, controlling the sunlight and heat. Its intelligent and silent motor gives several smart, automated features, such as positioning and timing control. 

If you want to move and burn some calories, just switch off the motor and adjust the curtains manually with your hands. Yoolax Motorized Curtain is another nice choice you should consider.

8. Graywind Smart Curtains

Graywind Smart Curtains
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Machine wash allowed❌Messy instructions
✔️Saves energy
✔️Has multiple colors


  • Product Dimensions: 180″ L x 220″ W
  • Curtain Form: Drapes
  • Motor work: Under 100V-240V

Let’s check another good option that comes with motorized drapes. Once installed Graywind Smart Curtains will upgrade your convenience to a new level. 

With its smooth operations and nice design, Graywind Smart Curtains also improve the visual height of any room, making it more abundant with space. You can control motorized drapes using remote control, app, or voice control. Do you need anything else for happiness?

Made of 60%-80% blackout fabric, these motorized curtains provide additional UV protection, thermal insulation, and energy saving. If it starts to smell, just put the drapes into the washing machine and make it smell good again.

9. SmartWings Motorized Roller Shade Work with HomeKit

SmartWings Motorized Roller Shade Work with HomeKit
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Quiet motor❌Horizontal blinds
✔️Easy to install


  • Product Dimensions: 72″L x 29″W
  • Item Weight: 4.99 Pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Light Grey

Switching to another best smart curtains award winner SmartWings Motorized Roller Shade Work with HomeKit. 100% blackout auto window blinds will protect you from unwanted sunlight and heat. 

With this option, you will save time customizing as this motorized smart curtain has 19 sizes to choose from. To control the curtains, you won’t need any hub. Just use your Bluetooth. The curtains are also controlled by remote control, app, and voice control. 

With its motorized system SmartWings Motorized Roller Shade can save up to 70.3% energy, making it an even better choice. Make this addition to your home and recreate the idea of convenience and efficiency.

10. OlideSmart DIY WiFi Smart Automatic Curtain Motor Track System

OlideSmart DIY WiFi Smart Automatic Curtain Motor Track System
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Smooth operations❌Messy instructions
✔️Light trigger mode
✔️Flexible length adjusting


  • Size: 86.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 11.38 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 42 x 10 x 3 inches
  • Color: White
  • Consumption: 40W

Olide WIFI Smart Curtain Motor Tracking System is one of the best smart curtains, as it can easily customize to the length of your windows and curtains. This smart curtain has a long life and can serve you for many years without any operation flaws.

Our Olide WIFI Smart Curtain Motor Tracking Systemworks with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and an app. The curtains can open in 3 ways: two kinds, single or dual. 

Enjoy your lazy sleep without any interruption. These motorized smart curtains will definitely make your life easier and save you energy. Rush to get one and enjoy the best smart curtains.


Overall, mentioned best smart curtains are very popular and widely used by smart gadget users. Before adopting one of these options, consider features like the type of curtains, the design of your room, the material, and the motor. 

Pay attention to details and choose the best for you based on your needs to ensure the best environment in your home.

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