Flipper Zero

Tamagochi for Hackers

key advantages

  • Transmits signals to control electronics
  • RFID card reader
  • Transceiver of 100m range




February 2021


Cool TechEDC Gear

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1x Flipper Zero-Early Bird

Included items:

1x Flipper Zero
1x USB Type-C Cable

$169   $119  

Limited time offer

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My Tamagochi Can Control My Neighbor’s Garage Door

The new age of old cool is finally here…  saddle up, and take this retro train forward into your new reality!

Because with one gamified remote, you can now control the world around you.

Flipper Zero is the useful Tamagochi that powers your air conditioning, your TV remote, your garage door, keycards, and all other wireless devices!

And your neighbors better watch out — you can even piggyback off others’ signals and program your own… 

NFC. IR. RFID. U2F. BLE. LCD… and plain old radio signals!

Release your inner hacker with a few clicks and please your little dolphin.

Limited time offer

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