BauBax 3.0 Travel Jacket

Feature-rich Jacket made from eco-friendly eucalyptus & cotton fabric

key advantages

  • Built-in neck pillow
  • Odor resistant
  • Built-in eyemask
  • Built-in face mask
  • Moisture wicking




Aug, 2022


Travel & OutdoorsWearable Tech Gadgets

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1× BauBax 3.0 Travel Jacket (Get a travel jacket in any color and size of your choice.)

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. BauBax is back with version 3.0 of their famous BauBax travel jacket. 

It’s always nice for my little crowdfunding heart to see a campaigner make multiple good campaigns and continually upgrade their products with the help of the backer community. 

The BauBax Travel Jacket has all the functions of a windbreaker. Still, it also comes with so many new features that you would typically find in some extra camping gear. From hidden pockets, hand warmers, and even face masks and eye masks!

Prepare your eyes and torso because BauBax is here to show you how campaigners should do it. 

The Product


Is this a truly new product that you can’t find on the market? Or this is a product that defines an entirely new product category. In some cases, the combination of several features into one or the introduction of a new feature to an old product are also considered to be an innovation.

When the BauBax Travel Jacket Volume 2 hit Kickstarter in 2018, it became the “#1 Most Funded Kickstarter Fashion Project” ever -and it’s been the top stop ever since.

Looking at a jacket from an innovation perspective, it has all the essential features needed while incorporating two crucial elements that make a BauBax Travel Jacket recognizable. 

First of all, it has loads of great features to upgrade your travel. The most amazing one they added this time is a color-matching face mask to make you travel safely and in style. Secondly, this jacket’s refined design and look are so much more stylish than the last one.

Don’t get me wrong, the previous design was great, but this is amazing. I’ve tried going over many standard retailers looking for windbreakers or other travel jackets, and we couldn’t find anything that has the same price point, look, and functionality. 

Since they removed some of the features from the last jacket, we would initially give this version a lower score. Still, since they have made this jacket just a tad more minimalistic, it increases the score back up. The face mask and the new sustainable fabric also added some points. 


Product Innovation Score
8 /10


How much better is it than the competition? Is it faster? Bigger? Cooler? More affordable? There needs to be a solid reason why you should back this project over any other.

BauBax V3BauBax V2Essential Jacket 2.0 - Men's
Price$159 (KS price)$129$249
Neck pillow
Eye mask
Earphone holders
Drink pocket
Sunglasses pocket
Microfiber cloth
Stylus zipper
Tablet pocket
Bottle opener
Handwarming pockets
Secret pocket
Charger pocket
Detachable hoodie
Sustainable fabric
3-ply face mask

Famously promising 25 features in their previous jacket, some backers would be confused to see that this new version has fewer features. However, from my analysis, they have ditched some of the less crucial features and instead gone for minimalism. 

Being serial crowdfunders with a massive community of backers, we are sure they have also listened to a lot of the feedback from the previous backers in making this product. 

The most noticeable removals to the V3 is the drinks pocket (which wasn’t so important anyways), whistle, keychain, and the stylus zipper. But because these features are not crucial for survival and many people have other tools to reach the same purpose, many backers will be happy with the few-but-higher-impact features of the new BauBax travel jacket V3. 

The most crucial point is that while searching the internet for similar jackets, We could find a bunch of windbreakers that sounded similar, but a lot of them were off. Many jackets marketed themselves by having a significant amount of pockets. But the BauBax also includes extra functionality like a face mask and an eye mask. 

Some other jackets were quite stylish but had a price point of over $250, while others had cool features but didn’t look that great. It’s not that often we see a product where their main competitor is themselves, let alone a campaigner whose previous product is still #1 on Kickstarter in the Fashion Category. 

We could go on for hours if BauBax would ever be able to outcompete themselves. We hope they will do that one day, but it’s hard to take a step up from a campaign so successful as their previous. 

From an expert standpoint, it is not good enough as a serial campaigner to just make another excellent product that is even better than the last one; the key is building and nurturing the community of previous backers. The crowdfunding community is unique, and many backers will stay loyal to a line of products if they have enough reason to believe. 

We have some suggestions on how BauBax can do this. More about that in the following sections. 


Product Competitiveness Score
36 /40

The Team


How capable is the team? Have they developed something like this before? Do they have crowdfunding experience? Manufacturing experience? A lot of campaigns fail to deliver their product because they don’t know what they’re doing.

In November 2020, we reviewed the 6th campaign of BauBax: the travel shoes. We gave them a reliability score of 28/30. 

Most of the rating was based on the sheer amount of backers who continually trusted them, their previous expertise in delivering high-quality products, and connecting with their audience. 

We rarely give a team 30/30, but from simply seeing the comments on their previous campaign page, we cannot help but smile. The customer service of BauBax seems just excellent, and there are remarkable stories on how the BauBax team solved returns and size changes in a fantastic way. 

As is standard with most Kickstarter campaigns, campaigners face shipping issues. From my mandatory checkup on backer comments from previous campaigns, we see that some people supposedly have not received their pledges. Even more unlucky, BauBax has had to ship some products during covid, adding extra stress to a process that is already hard. 

From having worked in crowdfunding myself, We know for a fact that there are a lot of backers that don’t know there are a couple of final steps to ensure that the package will arrive at their door. You’ll have to respond to backer surveys, and some backers forget to do that. Nevertheless, we do not wish to blame the victims. Most of the time, the campaigner is at fault when someone’s product doesn’t arrive. 

However, from looking at the trajectory of comments, the BauBax team is getting increasingly good at ensuring delivery and good customer service. It seems like the shipping success rate is nearing 100%, which is almost impossible if you don’t use amazon fulfillment or other mainstream shipping services. From what we can see from the backer comments, BauBax, we advise you to sell replaceable parts separately if someone breaks a part of their jacket. 

If you purchase the BauBax Travel Jacket 3.0, we can assure you that you will receive it. Keep in mind that all Kickstarter campaigns are more than three months late in delivery. The rule (not the exception) in crowdfunding is that every campaign, no matter how experienced the campaigners, will face delays. So stay patient. 

Team Reliability Score
30 /30


How transparent are the campaigners? Do they give their backers valuable updates on their progress? Do they engage with their backers? Crowdfunding is all about community, sharing information, and building meaningful relationships with the people who fund your project.

The BauBax team’s attitude to the backers is polite, responding swiftly. The customer service team is excellent. 

We have seen cases of serial crowdfunding campaigners opening Facebook groups for their backers to reach engagement, get user-generated content, and receive feedback. BauBax has an excellent opportunity to make such a group and get all their loyal backers and fans in there.

If you are up for a long read, here is a charming story from a backer. BauBax 3.0 Travel Jacket Review BauBax 3.0 Travel Jacket Review

Team Attitude Score
15 /20

Conclusion & Public Opinion

All in all, the BauBax Travel Jacket V3 is a more fresh, minimalistic, and stylish take on their super famous Travel Jacket (#1 Fashion Project on Kickstarter). With the removal of certain features and new additions, this travel jacket seems like a genuinely new product that still has the same soul as their previous project. 

Pairing this with their beautiful travel shoes and travel pants, you’ll need no outside clothes anymore. 

BauBax has listened to feedback and created a more minimalistic design in their V3 travel jacket. This version removes some less crucial features, such as the drinks pocket, whistle, keychain, and stylus zipper. However, many backers will still be happy with the new design because it is fresh and stylish. The BauBax team attitude is polite, and they respond in a speedy manner. 

The pure review conclusion can be put like this: “We struggled with not backing this campaign writing this review.” But we hope that BauBax will send one or two jackets to the Tech I Want office.

TIW Total Score

BauBax 3.0 Travel Jacket
BauBax 3.0 Travel Jacket

Limited time offer

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