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  • Reduced grind noise
  • Auto stop
  • Magnetically aligned catch of the container


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Ode Brew Grinder

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If you like coffee, then you’ve probably heard of the guys and gals over at Fellow.

No? Then you must not like coffee enough!

One step at a time, they’re revolutionizing the coffee scene. 

They made an amazing electric kettle with Bluetooth and temperature control in a black stainless steel minimalist form. Then they made an equally beautiful pour-over set. And vacuum containers. And much more.

Now they’re back to complete the coffee journey with this noiseless, messless electric bean grinder.

Steel flat burrs can be adjusted to 30+ different size grinds. Speed is kept constant with a PID controller. How does it look? Like its coffee tastes!

There’s no hopper? You noticed. Why would you pre-grind coffee and lose its freshness? Have you heard nothing they’ve been saying! 

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