Pure Over

All Glass Coffee Maker

key advantages

  • Built-in glass filter to maintain the taste of the coffee
  • Temperature-resistant glass
  • Eco-friendly alternative for single-use paper filters




February 2021



Most popular Perk

1x Pure Over – Early Bird

Included items:

1x Glass Dripper 1x Glass Diffuser 1x Glass Stir Stick 1x Ceramic Base

Limited time offer

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Your style. Your flavor. Your coffee…

Coffee lovers… we feel you!

You who enjoy the rich scent of that perfect coffee. You who understand the effects of different grind sizes. You who wish you could make that perfect cup every morning… 

Control the temperature. The grind. The bloom. The pour.

With Pure Over — the filterless Chemex.

Made entirely of glass and ceramic with a built-in glass filter. 

Wait… no filters? Yep! 

Save on filters, and enjoy a cleaner paperless flavor!

Its glass build and filtration system providing a richer taste — Pure Over gives you what you need all the control to create your perfect brew.

Your Style. Your Flavor. Your Morning. Your Coffee.


Limited time offer

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