The Best Fire Starters That Can Ignite Your Camping To Be The Best

Nowadays, people often seek ways to disconnect from their everyday reality. Camping offers an opportunity to escape and immerse oneself in nature while temporarily detaching from the digital realm. However, to ensure a successful camping experience, adequate preparation is crucial, and acquiring a reliable fire starter is one of the essential tasks.

A fire starter serves as a vital tool for igniting fires, enabling campers to cook meals and illuminate their surroundings after sunset. When selecting a fire starter, various options cater to different needs. The traditional fire starter stick is a ubiquitous and easily obtainable choice. 

Alternatively, the magnesium fire starter excels in emergency situations, providing an excellent ignition source. For comprehensive preparedness, the survival fire starter proves highly practical in diverse scenarios. Natural fire starters of exceptional quality are readily available in today’s tech-driven market.

Consider the following factors when purchasing the best fire starter for your needs:

Burning Time

Before buying your fire starter, you must check its burning time first. How long does it burn? The longer it stays burning, the better. 

Wind Performance

When you go camping, the wind is always the issue. It is a good move to check for the wind first before you go camping. You need to know if the high winds will extinguish the flame immediately. A good fire starter stays longer even when the wind is blowing in your direction.


Nowadays, it is always an advantage when the items you buy are waterproof. There are always unexpected things happening when you go camping in the middle of the forest.

Easy To Ignite

The last and most important thing you need to check when buying a fire starter is if it is easy to ignite. Some fire starters are hard to light up because of the poor materials used in production. 

Most of the fire starters are eco-friendly, which is an advantage because you don’t need to worry about ruining the environment while using some fire. 

Here are some of the best fire starters that we can recommend for your next camping with your friends or families:

1. Phone Skope Pyro Putty Kits

Phone Skope Pyro Putty Kits
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Easy to carry in camping❌Slow to light if wet
✔️Easy to light with a long burning time❌Not all-natural


  • It has 2 ounces of volume per can.
  • It has a burning time of 8 minutes.
  • It stays lit in high winds.

Phone Skope’s Pyro Putty Kits is a very great fire starter. With this product, you can be prepared for the worst. Pyro Putty Kits are good for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Pyro Putty Kits have three kinds of fire starters that you could use depending on the weather. The summer orange one is thicker to handle the heat, and it is best to use on temperature ranges from 40F to 110F. The winter blue stays pliable when it is freezing. It works well when cold or wet, and it is best to use during temperatures of -20F to 70F. Lastly, the eco green is a 100% renewable resource and environmentally friendly fire starter that you could use anytime, anywhere.

2. Superior Trading Fire Starter Pods in Resealable Packs

Superior Trading Fire Starter Pods in Resealable Packs
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Longer burning time than the usual fire starters❌Not a great option for camping
✔️Large flame❌Not waterproof


  • The product pod measures 1.5″ x 1.75″.
  • It has a burning time of 14 minutes.
  • It is all made naturally.
  • It has a great performance against the wind

Superior Trading’s fire starter pods are an all-natural fire starter that is a safe alternative to messy and dangerous lighter fluids. Each pod is made of entirely all-natural, food-safe materials of wood and wax. Each pod burns for up to 14 minutes to light any charcoal or wood fire without a taste or odor.

Unlike the usual fire starters, which are square, cubes, or nuggets, Superior Trading’s fire starter consists of exclusively organic materials, which are very safe for cooking foods. It is also good for barbecue parties since it has a long burning time of up to 14 minutes. It also lights up when wet, which is rare for a fire starter.

3. FireFlame Quick Instant Fire Starter

FireFlame Quick Instant Fire Starter
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Easy to carry in camping❌It easily breaks apart
✔️Easily lights whether it is wet or dry
✔️Made of natural materials


  • The package dimension is ‎8.9 x 5.67 x 1.02 inches.
  • It has a burning time of 5 minutes.
  • It is waterproof

Fire Flame’s quick instant fire starters offer the ultimate solution for lighting fires, whether you’re at home, in the woods, or on a mountain. These fire starters are renowned for their exceptional performance and safety. They ignite fires effortlessly, outperforming any other option by lighting fires in just 0.5 to 3 seconds faster. Moreover, they are entirely waterproof, thanks to their unique vegetable oil compression technique.

Fire Flame’s fire starter features a proprietary formula designed to sustain a powerful flame that can reach heights of over one foot. With a continuous burn time of up to 5 minutes, this fire starter ensures reliable and extended ignition. It excels in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and high winds, making it a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly, utilizing a patented formula.

With a remarkable shelf life of over 30 years, Fire Flame’s fire starters are highly dependable. 

4. Exotac fireROD Ferrocerium Firestarter

Exotac fireROD Ferrocerium Firestarter
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Ferro rod is easy to replace❌Price
✔️Easily lights your woods
✔️Ergonomic handle


  • It has a 5/16-inch diameter rod.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is made of a machine aluminum body.
  • It has a tinder capsule feature.

Exotac Firerod is one of the most expensive fire starters on the market, but there is a good reason behind that. This stands out from other fire starters because it gives quality sparks and refillable ferro rods with tinder storage capsules. There are countless ferro rods in the market, but Exotac Firerod is one of the most loved and respected fire starters because it is not the kind of fire starter you could use for only a year, so you can use it for a very long time.

The kind of fire starter you want is waterproof and durable, compact and lightweight, which Exotac Firerod could give you. It is tried and tested that when you put your rod in the water, it could still stay dry after 24 hours. Exotac Firerod is also small enough to stow into a tiny space in your backpack that you could bring anywhere when camping.

5. Eco-Stix Fatwood Fire Starter Kindling Firewood Sticks

Eco-Stix Fatwood Fire Starter Kindling Firewood Sticks
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Sustainable❌It takes longer to light than other fire starters
✔️Acts as a fire starter


  • The package dimension is 12 x 9.5 x 6.4 inches with 10 pounds of item weight.
  • It is made of natural wood.
  • It has a burning time of 6 minutes.

Eco-stix fire starter is the best resin-rich ocote pine that is made of all-natural fatwood used for fire starting. It is made from unmitigated fatwood that contains no additives and pure natural for a sustainable firestarter. It has a variety of boxes that offer up to 50 pounds of boxes to fit all your needs. It is one of the best fire starter kits as the fire starter sticks of Eco-stix are very dry, which is very easy to start a fire.

Fatwood is harvested from the heartwood of dead pine trees. In the burn test time, one piece of Fatwood can last up to six minutes. When wet, it took longer to light up, but once lit, the Eco-stix burned well. 

6. Midwest Hearth

Midwest Hearth
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Easy to light❌Not waterproof
✔️Safe to use for cooking purposes


  • The item’s weight is 4.53 pounds.
  • It has a burning time of 11 minutes.
  • It is made of natural things.
  • The flat design is easy to store in your house.

Midwest Hearth fire starter is a great way to light up Kamado-style charcoal grills. They are made of all-natural ingredients such as wood chips, recycled newsprint, and pure paraffin with no harmful chemicals and substances. It is also completely odorless and tasteless, which will not flavor your food.

The item weight of this product is 4.53 pounds with package dimensions of 9.4 x 7.4 x 2.8 inches. The main material used for this fire starter is paper which is very safe. It can light up for 11 minutes, a very long burning time.

This fire starter also lights fast and burns for a long time, even when wet. This one is best used for fireplaces, barbecue grills, and campfires. This can also be used as emergency preparedness kits during calamities and disasters. The company offers the best prices with high-quality products.

7. THE FRIENDLY SWEDE Magnesium Flint Fire Starter

THE FRIENDLY SWEDE Magnesium Flint Fire Starter
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Easy to start a fire❌Awkward shape
✔️It can be used as a bottle opener


  • The Ferrocerium rod size is 5 inches with, a steel striker of 2.5 inches.
  • It has a built-in first-stage tinder.
  • It has longer-lasting, convenient, and compact fire steel blocks.

The Friendly Swede Magnesium Flint Fire Starter stands out as one of the premier magnesium fire starters available on the market. Its simplicity and efficiency make fire starting a breeze, allowing you to generate sparks effortlessly and ignite fires with ease. This magnesium fire starter excels in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and even high-altitude environments. It proves to be a reliable companion for campfires, survival situations, bushcraft activities, and various outdoor pursuits.

With its long-lasting durability and compact design, this fire starter ensures you can light multiple fires without any inconvenience. Notably, one of its exceptional features is its dual-purpose functionality as a bottle opener, adding an extra level of practicality to your outdoor gear. Regardless of how windy it may be, the flint rod consistently produces hot sparks, guaranteeing reliable ignition.

8. UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit

UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Waterproof, including the matches❌Not reusable
✔️Incredibly easy to use


  • The match is 4 inches long with a burn time of up to 25 seconds.
  • The durable and waterproof case floats keep the content dry and protected.

When embarking on a survival-oriented outdoor adventure that requires resourcefulness, make sure to bring along the Titan Stormproof Match Kit. This remarkable fire starter stands out in the market as the most robust, longest-lasting, windproof, and waterproof match available. With a length of over four inches, it outperforms the competition, boasting an impressive burn time of up to 25 seconds. It can ignite even in the harshest conditions and will reignite after being submerged in water.

This is one of the most in-demand survival fire starter kits because it includes 12 matches, 3 replaceable strikers, a waterproof case that floats, and a cord for attaching to a lanyard. This comprehensive kit provides up to 5 minutes of fire and offers priceless peace of mind.

To use the Titan Stormproof Match Kit, simply close the box to create a firm surface for striking. If the striker becomes wet, it’s still usable, but it should be dried before reuse. The matches’ extended length enhances safety by preventing burns to the fingertips, a feature that contributed to their recognition as the “Gear of the Year” in 2015.

9. Survive Outdoors Longer® Fire Lite Kit, Tinder (20-Count) And Striker

Survive Outdoors Longer® Fire Lite Kit, Tinder (20-Count) And Striker
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Water and wind resistant❌A lot to carry
✔️Easy instructions included


  • It has a dependable striker that produces powerful sparks.
  • It is easy to ignite to quickly build a fire.
  • It warth in any weather.
  • It is lightweight and compact that you can bring on any of your camping trips.

The fire kit provided in this package equips you with everything necessary to ignite up to 20 fires, all housed within a lightweight and waterproof container. Alongside the 20 pieces of waterproof tinder, the fire kit includes a reliable sparker and comprehensive fire-starting instructions to assist you when needed.

SOL Fire Lite is a highly dependable striker that produces an impressive shower of sparks and features a windproof design. Its quick and easy ignition capabilities make it a reliable tool in emergency situations. It functions effortlessly in any weather conditions and can even ignite on wet surfaces. Furthermore, its lightweight and compact nature ensures convenient portability, allowing you to bring it along on any adventure.

10. UST StrikeForce Fire Starter

UST StrikeForce Fire Starter
Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
✔️Hot spark shower emission
✔️Works in the rain and wet condition


  • It is very durable and has a detachable cap to protect the flint.
  • It is very versatile and ignites a wide range of tinder.
  • It is very reliable and works in the rain and other adverse weather conditions.

The UST StrikeForce Fire Starter stands out as a unique and versatile kit that offers more than just a robust striker and Ferro rod. It features a small compartment designed to store sure-fire tinder, ensuring long-lasting and reliable fire-starting capability. The kit’s sturdy design provides a secure grip, particularly useful during challenging weather conditions.

This fire starter is an excellent choice for travelers and camping enthusiasts who explore various locations. Depending on the desired fire size, it is a must-have addition to any survival kit or hiking backpack.

The UST StrikeForce Fire Starter is a high-performing, flint-based tool that generates three times the heat of a regular match, and it can withstand up to 4,000 strikes. 


There are so many kinds of fire starters in the market, and choosing the best one is not really a concern for most people but for campers, it is. Choosing the best fire starter is important because they just don’t consider the use of a fire starter but also its value of it when it comes to handy and emergency situations. The biggest advantage of great fire starters is they have dual purposes that can be used on different occasions. The best fire starters will give you so much easy time in lighting up the whole place.

Buying fire starters will not cost you so much because they are cheap and useful for people who love barbecue parties or for people who love to go camping and hiking. For longer purposes, choose wisely on what kind of fire starter you will buy.

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