10 Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards in 2023 (with Reviews)

Whether you’re looking for an off-road electric skateboard for daily use or mountain adventures, you’re in for a sweet ride. As an all-terrain electric skateboard, this board can carry you up the mountain, as well as to work every day. So, if you’re ready to get yours, the only thing left to do is choose the best one! 

Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon our list of the 10 best off-road electric skateboards.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about speed, battery, motors, wheels, trucks, and more. Regardless of whether it’s your first time buying an off-road electric skateboard or not, we’ll help you make an informed decision and choose the best option for you.

The 10 best off-road electric skateboard options

Welcome to our compilation of the 10 best all-terrain electric skateboards. Some are best for everyday use in the city, others are best for riding in the dirt and all over hills. Some have stronger batteries, others are more speedy. Read on, and you’ll find the off-road electric skateboard that’s best for your needs.

1. RALDEY V2 All Terrain Off-road Longboard Skateboard Cruiser 

off-road electric skateboard
  • With over 1,000,000 riders worldwide, the RALDEY V2 all-terrain electric skateboard is a powerful choice.
  • It features dual brushless motors letting you reach 30+ MPH speeds and ride over 20 miles.

✔️ LCD screen remote control with 4 speed modes and 4 break settings.❌ Not the best for extra rough terrain
✔️ Hefty, long-lasting carbon fiber board 
✔️ Powerful battery and dual motors
✔️ Robust and strong torque for off-roading


  • Dimensions: 40 x 7.5 x 5.4 inches
  • Material: T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 23.5 pounds
  • Wheels: 7.5 inch, inflatable rubber all-terrain wheels
  • Speed: 30+ MPH
  • Battery: 14000mAh, 12S4P 
  • Range: 20+ miles
  • Motor: 2*1500W 6368 Pro Dual Brushless Motors

As a powerful piece of technology with amazing specs, the RALDEY V2 All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is definitely an option to consider. It can go 30+ MPH and can take you over 20 miles. 

At an average price, this option is ideal for those who need an everyday off-road electric skateboard.

2. Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

off-road electric skateboard
  • This vigorous all-terrain electric skateboard features a flexible drop-down deck, ideal for off-roading and smooth riding.
  • Featuring honeycomb airless rubber tires, you can ride as long as you want without worrying about flats.
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Features wireless remote with OLED display and 3 modes.❌ Features a light at the front, but riders don’t find it too useful
✔️ +20% acceleration in Turbo mode.❌ Tires might wear off quickly, but they’re easily replaceable
✔️ Fully-sealed Sturdy Torque Hub Motors 


  • Dimensions: 43.3  x 13 x 6.5 inches / 110 x 33 x 16.5 cm
  • Weight: 23.8 pounds / 10.8 kg
  • Wheels: 165mm / 6.5 Inch Thickening Honeycomb Airless Rubber Tires
  • Speed: 22 MPH / 35 KM/h
  • Battery: 50.4V 454Wh, Sanyo GA 3500mAh 18650 Cells
  • Range: 15-18.5 miles / 24-30 km
  • Motor: 1200W X2 Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque Hub Motors

Here’s another great option for an everyday ride. Featuring a larger board with fully sealed torque hub motors, you can go up to 22 MPH and reach up to around 18.5 miles on a single charge. 

This can be an excellent gift for a loved one and even for yourself with an entirely justified price.

3. ECOMOBL M24 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

off-road electric skateboard
  • This all-terrain electric skateboard is a monster when it comes to off-roading.
  • With its huge honeycomb rubber wheels and a stellar motor, you can climb up to 40-47% grade hills.
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Features headlight, body light, taillight❌ Not waterproof
✔️ Can climb up to 40-47% grade hills with its beefy transmissions
✔️ Thick, honeycomb rubber wheels
Extremely durable board with 2x drop 9-layer
✔️ Canadian Maple + 2-layer Fiber Glass


  • Dimensions: 43  x 18 x 11 inches 
  • Material: Aluminum, Maple
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Wheels: 200x50mm honeycomb rubber material
  • Speed: 27-30 MPH
  • Battery: 10C Battery – 864Wh, 4-6 hours charging time
  • Range: 20-25 miles
  • Motor: 6382 brushless motors with planetary gear drive transmissions

This next option is not for beginners but rather for pros who know what they’re doing. It goes up to 30 MPH speeds, rides for up to 25 miles range, and climbs hills like it’s nothing. It also features 4-6 hours of charging time and bright lights.

At a premium price point, this option is for those who are passionate about off-road electric skateboards.

4. GTR Bamboo All Terrain

off-road electric skateboard
  • This vintage-design all-terrain electric skateboard is a great option for enthusiasts who love smooth rides.
  • With a 19 mile range and up to 22 MPH speeds, this board features almost all you could need for an ideal journey.
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Bluetooth control Remote with instant trigger response❌ Premium price
✔️ Better for beginners
✔️ Suitable for all terrain – short grass dirt tracks, roads, and footpaths
✔️ Features an optional travel-size battery
✔️ Trustworthy brand


  • Deck length: 38 inches / 96 cm
  • Material: 3 Ply Bamboo / 2-Ply Fiber glass
  • Weight: 24.9 LBS / 11.3 KG
  • Wheels: Evolve 7″ pneumatic all terrain wheels.
  • Speed: 22 MPH / 36 KM/h
  • Battery: 14AH Samsung Lithium-Ion battery with custom BMS
  • Range: 19 miles / 30 km
  • Motor: Dual 1500 watt (3000 watts total) custom made brushless out-runner motors

Here we have a smooth ride with powerful 3000-watt motors and a battery that’ll last you for up to 19 miles. Featuring 3 robust riding modes (ECO, PRO, GTR)  and an option to create your custom settings (CUST) through their Explore by Evolve app, you can get the most out of all your journeys.

At a premium price, this electric skateboard is worth it if you’re serious about your off-roading passion.


off-road electric skateboard
  • The MAXFIND FF PLUS all-terrain electric skateboard is a smooth ride thanks to its super-flexible PPS + Glass Fiber material.
  • It features fast battery changing and an optional travel-friendly battery. Upgrades for the riding range are available.
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ IP65 waterproof rating❌ Short-range unless you get an upgrade
✔️ Flexible board gives shock absorption
✔️ Super smooth ride
✔️ Powerful Hub Motor and Torque, giving up to 35% climbing


  • Dimensions: 38 x 13.4 x 6 inches / 97 x 34 x 15.5 cm
  • Material: Super Flex PPS + Glass Fiber
  • Weight: 24 LBS / 11.2 KG
  • Wheels: 6.5 inch / 165 mm
  • Speed: 24 MPH / 38 KM/h
  • Battery: MOLICEL 10S2P, 5.2Ah, 187Wh, 36V, UL 42V Fast Charger – 3 hours charging time
  • Range: 10 miles / 16 km
  • Motor: 1200W*2 (total 2400W), 12 N.m*2 Torque

If you’re looking for an ideal everyday ride and don’t mind the short-range, this option might be perfect for you. Its highly flexible board provides shock absorption, so you end up with a smooth ride. You can also get longer-range versions of this off-road electric skateboard for a small fee.

This off-road electric skateboard is a bang for your buck at its below-average price.

6. MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard 

off-road electric skateboard
  • Here’s an off-road electric skateboard from MotoTec that looks like a monster truck and feels like one too.
  • It’s big and heavy, but it goes fast and can last for up to 10 miles.
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Cool design❌ Too heavy (71 lbs)
✔️ Big and sturdy❌ Board is not flexible
✔️ Powerful dual motors


  • Package dimensions: 46.5 x 21 x 11 inches
  • Material: 12-ply Maple
  • Weight: 71 LBS 
  • Wheels: 10 inch, air-filled
  • Speed: 22 MPH
  • Battery: 36V 14AH, 3-5 hours charging time
  • Range: up to 10 miles / 16 km
  • Motor: 800-watt dual motors (total 1600 watts)

Next up, introducing the MotoTec 1600W Dirt Off-Road Electric Skateboard. It’s beefy, dry, and fast. With its huge air-filled tires, you will feel more in control. Plus, the dual motors make sure that power is supplied to each side evenly. The biggest downside is that it weighs almost 3 times more than other alternatives.

Being below the average price point, this is an ideal option to try out as a toy, but it’s not a long-term option.

7. AZBO E-Skateboard with Remote Control

off-road electric skateboard
  • The AZBO E-Skateboard is perfect for beginners, thanks to its foot strap bindings that’ll keep you on the board with more control.
  • With a powerful battery and 3000W dual motors, you can reach speeds of up to 25 MPH and ride for up to 19 miles.
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Foot strap bindings – perfect for beginners to learn❌ Somewhat heavy
✔️ Comes with 6 pieces of protective gear as a gift❌ Not the best for professional use
✔️ Cool design


  • Dimensions: 41 x 17 x 9 inches
  • Material: 11-ply Maple
  • Weight: 30 LBS
  • Wheels: 7.8 * 2 inch pneumatic tires
  • Speed: 25 MPH
  • Battery: 11 AH, 36 V, fully charged for 3 hours
  • Range: 19 miles
  • Motor: In-hub 3000W dual-motor

The AZBO Off-road Electric Skateboard is ideal for teens and adults who want to try out the thrill of an all-terrain electric skateboard. If you’re looking to learn, the foot bindings will assist you. It goes as fast as 25 MPH for as long as 19 miles, which is impressive.

Overall, this is the ideal product for beginners, but if you’re looking for something a little more serious, you can get better use out of your money.

8. Propel EV HYBRID Electric Skateboard

off-road electric skateboard
  • The HYBRICK Propel EV Off-Road Electric Skateboard feels as powerful as it looks.
  • With 11cm high ground clearance, you can conquer any terrain you like.
✔️ Can reach up to 31 MPH❌ Large and heavy
✔️ Long battery life ( up to 44 miles)❌ Not suited for beginners or children
✔️ Strong features all-around❌ Very expensive


  • Deck Length x Width: 41 x 22 inches
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 40 LBS
  • Wheels: 8 inch pneumatic off-road tires
  • Speed: up to 31 MPH
  • Battery: Samsung 25AH/1110WH, 12S5P large-capacity lithium battery
  • Range: 44 miles
  • Motor: 2X6374·1500W power brushless motor

Next up, here’s an off-road electric skateboard that’s meant for pros. If you want to go on a real adventure, this board can be your best friend. This one is definitely not a toy.

At the higher end of the price spectrum for all-terrain electric skateboards, this is the board you get only if you are serious about the sport.

9. B-ONE Electric Skateboard

off-road electric skateboard
  • The B-ONE Off-Road Electric Skateboard is made of carbon fiber and features smooth 7-inch rubber inflatable wheels.
  • It’s a great everyday-use board with 4 speed modes, high speed, and long mile-range.
✔️ Comes with Ergonomic Remote with 2.4G wireless and LED display❌ Premium price
✔️ 4 Speed Modes
✔️ Features back light signal when breaking
✔️ Carbon Fiber Material


  • Deck Length x Width: 43.3 x 10.2 inches
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 28.6 LBS / 13 kg
  • Wheels: 7 inch / 175 mm rubber inflatable all-terrain wheels
  • Speed: up to 28 MPH
  • Battery: Panasonic NCR21700T 19.2AH Lithium battery 12S4P
  • Range: 31 miles
  • Motor: Dual 6368 Belt Motor 170Kv 1500 Wattx2

As we approach the end of our off-road electric skateboard list, here’s a great option for intermediate-level riders. It goes up to 28 MPH, which is pretty fast. You get to ride it for up to 31 miles until it requires a recharge. This board features a belt motor, which will give you more torque but will also slightly weigh you down.

At its higher than average price point, this board is an excellent option to consider for those who need an everyday ride. 

10. iENYRID Electric Longboard

off-road electric skateboard
  • Introducing the iENYRID off-road electric skateboard – possibly the holy grail of electric skateboards for beginners.
  • This board can still go up to 28 MPH with its foot bindings and shock absorption features.
✔️ Features anti-collision guard rails on the front for shock absorption❌ Somewhat heavy
✔️ Huge tires giving you more control❌ Short battery endurance
✔️ Perfect for learning thanks to foot bindings


  • Dimensions: 46 x 18.1 x 9.5 inches
  • Material: 8-layer Maple + 2-layer Bamboo
  • Weight: 30.8 LBS / 14 kg
  • Wheels: 9 inch rubber inflatable all-terrain wheels
  • Speed: up to 28 MPH
  • Battery: 10000mAh, 42V, 360W, lithium battery
  • Range: up to 12.5 miles
  • Motor: 1650W dual motors

Last but not least, here’s the iENYRID off-road electric skateboard. Suitable for both adults and teens, it features foot bindings for higher safety. This is a great board for learning and professional use.

Coming at an average price point, this board can be your ideal choice to start with.

Features to look for before buying your off-road electric skateboard

If it’s your first time buying an all-terrain electric longboard, you’re going to need some help. Don’t worry – we’ll help you understand the terminology and show you the most important features to consider. That way, you’ll be able to choose the best off-road electric skateboard for you.

Do you need a motorized off road skateboard to ride to work every day, or do you need one with more torque to climb steep hills? Read on through to learn all you need to know about finding the best off road electric skateboard fit for your needs.

The electric skateboard motor

The two most common types of motors in our list were hub motors and belt drive motors. 

The hub motors are more lightweight, quiet, and have good breaks. Hub motors make some of the best all-terrain electric skateboards to drive around in the city and open roads.

On the other hand, the belt drive motors are heavier, require more maintenance, and might be energy-consuming. However, they are more powerful, providing more torque, moderate speed, and regenerative breaks. The belt drive motor is better for an electric mountain skateboard.

The electric skateboard price

If you’re looking for a professional off road electric bike, you’re looking to spend about $1000. Of course, there are cheaper options, but they come with their flaws, such as a short mile range. 

The more expensive options can feature better electric skateboard off road wheels, batteries, and motors, but you can get almost everything you need out of a standard version.

The electric skateboard speed

Well, how fast do electric skateboards go? The ones we have listed above can go up to 22-31 MPH. 

Nevertheless, all of them are remote-controlled, and if you need to adjust your ideal speed, check out the different driving modes your motorized off road skateboard offers.

The electric skateboard range

Your electric skateboard range is determined by many factors, including your riding path, style, your electric skateboard battery power, motor, your weight, etc. 

Still, all of the best off road electric skateboard options feature a range spec, which shows how far your board can go on 1 full charge. Take this into consideration when choosing your own all-terrain electric longboard.

The electric skateboard battery

Last but not least, pay attention to the type of battery your electric mountain skateboard features. Usually, the choice will be between lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. Although lithium-ion batteries are more expensive, they are also more powerful, holding more liquid in a smaller container. 

In general, the best all-terrain electric skateboard options feature lithium-ion batteries.

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