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10 Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes in 2023[with Product Reviews]

The beach cruiser electric bike market is absolutely booming with so many options to choose from! Did you know that beach cruisers were the early inspiration for the very first mountain bikes? Cruisers also have wider tires and heavier more durable frames.   

Despite being quite stable, cruisers tend to be heavier in design than mountain bikes. The best electric cruiser bikes are built to withstand any kind of damage from minor impacts, plus they can handle wear and tear. 

They can also handle a lot of weight, which is great if you plan on loading your groceries, backpack, surfboard, or other heavy gear on the bike with you! 

But with so many different models, features, special offers, and more to sift through, how do you know which is the best electric cruiser bike for you? If you’re on the market for a beach cruiser electric bike, look no further, we are here to help you hunt down the best fit for you!

Features To Look For Before Buying Electric Mountain Bike

Looking for the model of a beach cruiser electric bike that will suit your personal riding style best? Here are some features that you should consider before making your purchase! 


Where do you picture yourself riding your beach cruiser electric bike? Do you live in a city? If so you may want to look more into urban cruiser electric bikes. 

Are you going to be carrying groceries uphill? E-cargo bikes might make more sense. 

Are you going to be taking shorter city commutes, and do you have limited storage options? Folding eBikes might be your best bet! 

Always keep where and when you’ll be using your bike in mind.

Battery and Power 

You’re going to want to know how much oomph your beach cruiser electric bike packs! Almost all beach cruiser electric bikes are equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. 

The location of the batteries on the e-bike may vary. It may be attached to the downtube, or on top of the rear rack, sometimes it’s near the bottom bracket or within the seat post. 

You’ll want to find out how easily the battery can be accessed and removed, as well as the battery size, quality, and capacity. 


The range is the total distance you can ride before your battery sputters out. 

The logic here is simple: The longer your range is, the less you’ll have to charge your battery. Understanding your battery watt-hours will help you determine how long your battery will last. For example, if you have a 300w motor and a 300wh battery, this means that your battery is set to die at the one-hour mark.

Certain factors can affect your range, for example, the weight of the rider or load, the type of terrain you are riding on, and if you are going uphill or not, etc. 


Pay attention to how much the bike weighs. This is particularly important if you plan on carrying your bike up flights of stairs, on public transportation, or even onto your car.  

As a rule, e-bikes tend to be on the heavier side, but over the years there’s been an improvement in the weight department. The point here is to find a beach cruiser electric bike that will be convenient for you and fit your lifestyle.  


Beach cruiser electric bikes aren’t considered luxury products anymore. Prices for e-bikes, in general, have gone down and become so much more affordable. Now, you have the freedom to find a beach cruiser electric bike within your budget. 

Consider this, how much do you think you’ll be using your beach cruiser electric bike? If you want to find a bike that will weigh less but perform better, you’ll have to be ready to spend a pretty penny. If you are just someone who is on the hunt for an entry-level commuter bike, you’ll be able to find something for much less. 

Other Considerations

Once you understand where and how you’ll be riding your beach cruiser electric bike, you’ll know what features are important for you. Things like the motor type of the e-bike (whether it allows for pedal, pedal-assist, or if it’s full electric), or maximum weight will catch your interest. 

And finally, always look at the reviews of verified purchasers. What may look fantastic on paper doesn’t necessarily pan out as flawlessly in a real-time experience. 

Our Top Picks

Now that you have a better idea of what you are looking for, let’s take a look at our top 10 picks for beach cruiser electric bikes!

1. Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s eBike

Sixthreezero Around The Block Women's eBike
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Comfortable wide plush saddle ❌ Confusing or not accurate instructions
✔️ Under 40 lbs, lightweight ❌ Difficult assembly 
✔️ Affordable value❌ Expensive


Motor: 250-watt rear hub motor 
Battery: 50-watt battery 
Range: Up to 60 miles 
Top Speed: 28 mph
Brakes: eFront- and rear-disc hand brakes 
Tires: 26-inch by 2.125-inch 
3 Working Modes: (1) eBike, (2) Pedal-Assist, (3) Full electric
Maximum Load: 250 lbs

The sixthreezero Around the Block beach cruiser electric bike is a great option for relaxed, low-maintenance rides. Better suited for short journeys on flatter terrains, this bike still manages to pack a punch and help you climb hills or get those extra miles in, helping you get to your destination faster.

Above all else, it’s a lot of fun! The cute design and hidden motor, battery, and cabling make this beach cruiser electric bike look like a regular one. Plus there are many different variations available so you can customize it to suit your style and needs. 

That means you can choose the size that best fits you and your body type!  

The retro look is eye-catching and stylish, and thankfully this beach cruiser electric bike runs on the lighter side, making it easy to carry as well. 

2. SOHOO S142 Cruiser Bike 

SOHOO S142 Cruiser Bike
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Elegant appearance❌ Some have encountered issues with late delivery
✔️ Powerful❌ Ficult to assemble 
✔️ Speed Range


Motor: “SHENG YI” 48V Rear Hub Brushless 750 Watt
Battery: 48V16AH Lithium Battery
Range: Up to 75 miles 
Top Speed: 28 mph
Brakes: 180mm Double Disc Brake
Tires: 26-inch  
Gears: Shimano 7S drivetrain
4 Working Modes: (1) Walk Mode, (2) Throttle Mode, (3) Pedal-Assisted Mode, (4) Regular Bicycle Mode
Maximum Load: 325 lbs

This electric cruiser bike claims to be at the crossroads of luxury, power, and speed range, with an extra-large frame and upright riding. It has front shock and seat post shock securing a comfortable feel when you ride. 

The powerful 48V750 Watt rear-drive motor offers quality performance and claims to help you reach top speeds of 28mph! 

You can make use of the 4 working modes of the electric cruiser bike, ranging from 3mph for situations where you need to walk with your bike, throttle mode where you do not need to pedal at all, and assisted petal mode, which allows for a great combo of exercise and that extra push, or if you want to use it like a regular bike without any extra power, set it to regular bicycle mode!

If there is one thing that reviewers can agree on, it’s that this electric cruiser bike is powerful!

3. Sixthreezero Evryjourney Hybrid Beach Cruiser eBike 

Sixthreezero Evryjourney Hybrid Beach Cruiser eBike
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Great price❌ Not suitable for shorter riders (5’1” and under)
✔️ Assembly is quick and simple❌ Noisy gears
✔️ Comfortable ride❌ Issues with missing or damaged pieces 
✔️ Lightweight
✔️ Easy and smooth shifting with the Shimano gears


Motor: 250-watt rear hub motor
Battery: 250-watt 
Range: Up to 60 miles 
Top Speed: 28 mph
Brakes: eFront- and rear-disc hand brakes 
Tires: 26-inch by 2.125-inch 
Gears: Shimano 7S Tourney rear derailleur
3 Working Modes: (1) eBike, (2) Pedal-Assist, (3) Full-Electric
Maximum Load: 250 lbs

Advertised as the most comfortable bicycle ever, the Evryjourney truly is considered to be one of the best electric cruiser bikes on the market. Their unique ergonomic frame helps you to ride tall with maximum comfort.

In fact, many customer reviews claim that they have seen an improvement in back pains that were previously associated with bike riding! 

This beach cruiser electric bike is perfect for cruising, leisure as well as commuting. The big 26” wheels and 2” semi-slick tires offer you more control regardless of the terrain, handling well on everything from rocky trails or urban streets, giving you a smooth riding experience. 

The combination between the Shimano gearing, classic design, and comfortable riding position makes for a highly well-reviewed beach cruiser electric bike!

4. NAKTO ‎26″CAMEL eBike 

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Impressive acceleration❌ Heavy frame making it difficult to pedal unpowered
✔️ Comfortable and fun ride❌ Complaints of certain vital parts being missing
✔️ Simple assembly ❌ Claims of motor failure after a few weeks of use
✔️ Sturdy rack❌ Kickstand found difficult to use by many
✔️ Can handle heavier weights


Motor: 350W High-Speed Brushless gear motors
Battery: 36V, 10AH lithium battery
Range: Up to 60 miles 
Top Speed: 35 mph
Brakes: V Brake and rear Expansion brake 
Gears: 6S Shimano Tourney derailleur
3 Working Modes: (1) eBike, (2) Pedal-Assist, (3) Bicycle
Maximum Load: 250 lbs

The Nakto Camel comes at an affordable price for the offering, and that is thanks to the fact that it doesn’t feature disc brakes and it uses a heavy steel frame. This beach cruiser electric bike is designed with casual city riding in mind, and reviewers who purchased it for this purpose are left satisfied. 

The top speed is 18mph which is considered an average speed. In fact, this may be perfect for those who are using eBikes for the first time and are scared of the jolts of high torque motors that we generally find on urban cruiser electric bikes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is not considered suitable for taller people.

Overall, the Nakto Camel is a more affordable entry-level beach cruiser electric bike, which is why it made our list as one of the best electric cruiser bikes!

5. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-11 Cruiser eBike 

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-11 Cruiser eBike
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Comfortable Riding❌ Missing pieces 
✔️ DurablePoor customer service
✔️ Smooth RidesLengthy recharge


Motor: 250W rear motor
Battery: 250-watt 
Range: Up to 28 miles 
Top Speed: 15.3 mph
Brakes: Direct-Pull brakes, V-brakes
Tires: 26-inch by 2.125-inch 
Gears: Shimano 7S 
3 Working Modes: (1) Throttle, (2) Pedal-Assist, (3) Bicycle
Maximum Load: 264.5lbs

If you are looking for something that has a sweet combination of vintage and modern look then the Swagtron EB11 electric cruiser bike might be the one for you!

Not only is this bike affordable, but they are also known for their comfort, putting the least amount of strain on your body as possible. The 26” wheels with premium shock absorption eliminate any unwanted vibrations that you’d feel while taking on the more bumpy terrains, leaving you with a smooth riding experience. 

More on the heavier side, this electric cruiser bike weighs just around 51 lbs. But one thing is for sure, this electric cruiser bike packs a punch with the capability of reaching as far as 28 miles on a single battery charge!

6. SOHOO S115 Step-Thru/Step-Over Beach Cruiser eBike 

SOHOO S115 Step-Thru/Step-Over Beach Cruiser eBike
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Accessible step-through frame❌ Doesn’t have a front basket
✔️ Powerful Motor❌ Relatively heavy 
✔️ Front and rear LED lights


Motor: 48V500 Watt (915 Peak Watt) rear-drive motor
Battery: 48V13Ah Lithium battery 
Range: Up to 55 miles 
Top Speed: 25 mph
Brakes: Direct-Pull brakes, V-brakes
Tires: 26-inch by 2.235-inch 
Gears: Shimano 7S drivetrain 
4 Working Modes: (1) Walk, (2) Throttle, (3) Pedal-Assist, (4) Bicycle 
Maximum Load: 290 lbs

Yet another among the best beach cruiser electric bikes, the Sohoo S115 eBike is known for its unmatched comfort. This fat tire beach cruiser electric bike has a 500-watt rear hub motor and can get you as far as 55 miles when riding on eco mode. 

The S115 is not a beach cruiser electric bike known for its powerful battery, in fact, the battery is not the largest, meaning that you won’t be riding very long distances with this bike. 

But you certainly get what you pay for with the components staying on par with the price. The Comfortable double-spring saddle, rear rack, and mechanical disc brakes are all great features to have for a casual cruiser ride both on the trails and in urban settings. 

This beach cruiser electric bike is an all-around great performer that offers a good balance for either off-road riders or daily commuters. 

7. Addmotor M-430 eBike

Addmotor M-430 eBike
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Can handle all terrainsSome buyers complained of missing parts
✔️ Capable commuter fat bike❌ Poor customer service
✔️ Quiet and smooth ride❌ Claims of motor failure after a few weeks of use


Motor: 750w Brushless Rear-Mounted Motor
Battery: 48V 16AH Panasonic Battery 
Range: Up to 65 miles 
Top Speed: 28 mph
Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brake
Tires: MOTAN M-430 P7 fat tire, 24-inch wheels 
Gears: Shimano 7S 
4 Working Modes: (1) Walk, (2) Throttle, (3) Pedal-Assist, (4) Bicycle 
Maximum Load: 300 lbs

Among our list of best fat tire beach cruiser electric bikes, is the Addmotor M-430, better known for its pep and powerful performance. This fat tire electric cruiser bike has some real pickup and can reach speeds of about 25 mph. 

Buyers were impressed with how quick it was to respond, and how it was able to maneuver well on light trails and even grassy fields, giving riders the flexibility to veer off the standard smooth bike lanes.

And while its performance is high, there’s no sacrifice in terms of comfort with an 80 mm front suspension fork guaranteeing a comfortable and smooth ride, and great handling.  

Basically, you’ll get some major versatility with this beach cruiser electric bike, allowing for some urban commuter riding as well as some light offroading!

8. Juiced Scrambler Electric Adventure Bike 

Juiced Scrambler Electric Adventure Bike
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Decent battery lifeOnly available in one size
✔️ Competitive pricingVery heavy
✔️ Comfortable over long distancesThe rear light is not integrated and requires additional batteries that are ordered independently
✔️ Sturdy


Motor: 750W Bafang Motor
Battery: 52V 13 Ah/15 Ah Battery
Range: Up to 65 miles 
Top Speed: 28 mph
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Tires: 20-inch by 4.25-inch 
Gears: Shimano 7S Freewheel 
Maximum Load: 300 lbs

The Juiced Scrambler is one powerful and durable electric cruiser bike that can offer you a crazy adrenaline-fueled off-roading experience that most other eBikes just won’t be able to give you. 

It’s called an adventure bike for a reason, handling most off-road conditions with ease.

That being said, this electric cruiser bike is not for the faint of heart, and may not be the best choice for entry-level riders. This is a serious electric cruiser bike that packs a hefty punch. 

Another eye-catching feature is the sleek and retro style, with clean, straight line aesthetics, but with a tough look and feel. The all-terrain tires make sure that you can take your bike both on and off-road. 

One thing worth mentioning is that pedaling on this bike can be a bit awkward. In fact, this isn’t the ideal bike if you’re riding with exercise in mind. The unnatural angles will make it a bit less enjoyable than a more traditional bike, meaning you’re going to want to use it in its electric mode more often than not. 

9. Townie Go! 8D EQ Step-Over eBike 

Townie Go! 8D EQ Step-Over eBike
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Quick and easy chargingVery heavy 
✔️ Comfortable rideRuns on 200Ah Lithium Polymer Battery
✔️ 24/7 Hours Parking Mode*Rear rack not included


Motor: Bosch Active Line 250 watts Motor
Battery: Bosch PowerPack 400
Range: Up to 70 miles 
Top Speed: 20 mph
Brakes: Front and rear Tektro mechanical disc brakes
Tires: 26-inch by 2.35-inch balloon tires 
Gears: Shimano Tourney 8-speed rear derailleur
4 Working Modes: (1) Walk, (2) Throttle, (3) Pedal-Assist, (4) Bicycle 
Maximum Load: 300 lbs

Placed on the more expensive side of the beach cruiser electric bike price range, the Townie Go! 8D EQ gives you a bang for the buck!

Why you might ask? Well, because of the amazingly powerful Bosch 400Wh battery that is mounted on the down tube, not to mention the high-quality Bosch Active Line 250W mid-drive motor!

They certainly didn’t cut any cost in making this beach cruiser electric bike, especially with features like hydraulic disc brakes and an 8-speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur. 

The results? More power, more range, more gears, and better brakes, plus the added benefit of better electronics! With this beach cruiser electric bike, you’ll be able to conquer any hill, while also getting the benefit of some good old exercise using the pedal-assist mode. 

10. ECOTRIC Peacedove eBike for Adults 

ECOTRIC Peacedove eBike for Adults
Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
✔️ Comfortable and fun rideDifficult assembly
✔️ Quiet and smooth ridingVery heavy
✔️ Can adapt to snow, sand, and other terrainsComplaints about cheap plastic fenders
✔️ Affordable


Motor: Rear hub 350W motor
Battery: 36V 10AH Lithium Cell
Range: Up to 40 miles 
Top Speed: 21 mph
Brakes: Outage braking system and Mechanical braking system
Tires: 26-inch by 1.95-inch balloon tires 
Gears: Shimano 7S rear derailleur 
4 Working Modes: (1) Booster, (2) Throttle, (3) Pedal-Assist, (4) Bicycle 
Maximum Load: 198 lbs

This is another great option for those who are entry-level eBike riders. The last to make our list of best beach cruiser electric bikes is the Ecotric Peace Dove, but it certainly isn’t the least, with raving reviews all over the internet.  

While the motor is less powerful, when it comes to other features, the Peace Dove model is not lacking. It has a sleek vintage look, and a fair amount of accessories and has been designed with comfort in mind. 

This is a great beginner beach cruiser electric bike, with ergonomic cushions and 7 gears, making sure you’ll be able to control the bike easily through city streets, alleys, and traffic. 

While this model is suited as an urban cruiser electric bike, it does come with the drawback of being fairly heavy. 


Now that you’ve taken a look at our list of top ten beach cruiser electric bikes, you may have some questions on your mind. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below, and hopefully, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for!

Can Cruiser Bikes Go On The Beach?

Don’t let the name fool you, a beach cruiser electric bike is not specifically built with riding on the beach in mind. 

They are by no means designed to be ridden on the sand, in fact, bikes and sand don’t generally mix well together. You might be able to get away with it if you are riding on hard-packed wet sand that can be found closer to the water though. 

Beach cruiser electric bikes are designed with stability, durability, and comfort in mind for riders who are interested in taking on different terrains. 

What makes them unique is their wider tire designs and heavier weight. 

What Is A Beach Cruiser Bike Good For?

Let’s take a quick comparative look at different kinds of bikes. Road bikes place the rider in a forward-leaning position. This makes for more efficient aerodynamics and delivers more power to the pedals. They are more lean, light, and feature thinner tires, all with ultimate control and speed in mind.

Mountain bikes, for example, are designed for taking out on tougher and more varied terrains. This means they are equipped with wider tires, a durable frame, and a hefty suspension system. 

Now, looking at beach cruiser electric bikes, we’re talking about a bike that will give you a low-impact workout. They are great for giving you the chance to stay active while on vacation, strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, fight fatigue and reduce mental blocks!

They are also more versatile than road bikes but less rugged than mountain bikes. You can take them on a dirt trail in a national park, or for a comfortable recreational ride along a beachfront bike lane. 

Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Long Rides?

This depends on a few factors, mainly, the type of trail that you’ll be riding on. If you are looking to go on some rough and rugged terrain at top speeds, your body won’t be thanking you for the ride.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for some urban riding along smoother roads, then you will be able to travel for longer distances. 

Many of the best beach cruiser electric bikes are built with maximum comfort in mind. Thanks to their durable frames, an adjustable saddle, elevated seat, and upright handlebar, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect riding position, giving you a comfortable long journey. 

Plus, beach cruiser electric bikes tend to provide smooth rides. Just make sure that you are aware of your bike’s capabilities ahead of time. 

Are Cruiser Bicycles Good For Beginners?

The short answer? Yes. Beach cruiser electric bikes are sturdy, durable, and tough, while still offering smooth and comfortable rides. They are easier to ride than mountain and road bikes and don’t get damaged as easily as bikes that have aluminum frames. 

They are comfortable for both short and long rides, and they allow you to sit upright and enjoy the beautiful views on your journey. 

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