Magnetic Lacing Solution

key advantages

  • Fast, simple, magnetic closing
  • Remove your shoes hands-free
  • Strong magnets




October 2019



Most popular Perk

2 Sets of Zubits

Included items:

2x Zubits


I witnessed my shoelaces fight today…

It was a tie…


Meet ZUBITS—an innovative magnetic lacing solution—a lace-up design that turns your shoe into a slip-on.

The fastest and easiest way to get in and out of shoes!

No more knots, double knots, or triple knots coming undone. Just lace these powerful magnets onto your own shoes and never tie laces again.

Fast, simple, magnetic closing – Just pull the magnets together and close with a satisfying magnetic click.

Wide open shoes – Easily slip into wide open shoes. No-tie shoelace means no more squeezing or reversing laces to get in.

Bling. Style. Flair – Add some serious bling to your kicks. Clean up those floppy laces.

What do you say to your laces to make them go away?

Shoo laces 😉

Keep yourself away from shoelace accidents with ZUBITS and never struggle again!

And if you’re looking for the most suitable shoes that you would like to apply your ZUBITS pair on, BauBax has your back!

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