All-in-one Board for Food Prep

key advantages

  • High-quality materials (Bamboo, BPA free food grade silicone)
  • Holds up to 9lbs of food while hanging off the counter
  • Collapsible containers




October 2020



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Super Early Bird

Included items:

1x Bamboo Cutting Board

1x Large Strainer and Container

1x Small Strainer

2× Small Containers and Small Lids

$79 $99

Limited time offer

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How can you prepare an amazing meal, but not make a mess?

With the lego-like boxes of TidyBoard.

You’ll never run out of space on this all-in-one solution that helps you soak, chop, rinse, dice, strain… 

And sort all your ingredients from the antibacterial and scratch-resistant bamboo board, into the various foldable containers that sit flush with it.

And don’t worry about it flipping over. 

With its basket’s 8-lb limit — you could grow fresh greens straight out of your cutting board for the true farm-to-table experience!

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Limited time offer

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