Easy Food Recycling Machine

key advantages

  • For all kinds of food
  • Odorless processing
  • 3 hours run time
  • Results can be used in the garden




August 2020



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1 x Tero


In this age of Climate EmergencyTero is an intelligent solution that makes your household less of a strain on the planet.

Tero is a small, sleek device that converts your food waste into fertilizer.

About half of what we throw is food waste, an issue many national governments have begun drawing attention to. Throwing food away is clearly ethically questionable. But did you know that organic waste usually ends up getting buried and releasing methane which is even more harmful than CO2?

As we’re building more environmentally friendly homes, we’ll see the value in tech like this grow to solve humanity’s existential crises.

Though its manufacture is not an eco-friendly process, it makes up for it in how much less you need to purchase fertilizer and plastic bags.

In only 3 hours, your food waste will be fully transformed into nutritious fertilizer to feed your house and garden plants.

It works simply by grinding and drying your food waste until it produces a nutritious mix.

Who wants to stink up their house with decomposing food though? Tero has you covered! It is completely sealed, designed in a way that won’t produce any unwanted odours.

If you care about the planet—as the makers of Tero really do—it is small innovations like these that can make the largest changes.

How cool would it be to invite your friends over for dinner, and say that you grew these tomatoes with last month’s leftovers?

It really is a simple product that seems like a no-brainer solution for those who want to start adapting their household to ensure the climate is sustained for future generations.

Also, talking about sustainability, a neat and organized kitchen, TidyBoard is what would go the best with Tero. So if you’re about to get Taro, you should certainly check TidyBoard, too!

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