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Tidal Moonphase

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  • Fair price
  • Moonphase function
  • Caseback Airbrushed Artwork


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Tidal Moonphase Watch

$158 $195

Timepiece at its finest—powerful and sleek—Seköni demonstrates your thirst for precision and speed!!

A classy watch for the bold, it combines minimalist, elegant and sophisticated design with practical functionality.

Swiss-movement automatic watch with classy curved sapphire crystal that doesn’t cost a fortune.

This luxury Swiss watch looks like it’s from the future!

Luxury looking dress watch, something that can be worn everyday…

Uncompromising Quality—built to last even through tenuous conditions.

Confidence through Design—designed to empower, inspiring boldness through a better appreciation of time.

In our eyes the perfect dress watch!

Who says better has to cost more?

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