WT2 Edge

Real-Time Translation Earbuds

key advantages

  • Perfect Fit
  • 95% Accuracy
  • Noise Cancelation




April 2021


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1x WT2 Edge

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Speak Clearly & Be Heard Across the World

Although translation apps abound, with Google Lens now letting you translate signs, menus, and pamphlets you see on your travels, with just a photo… 

Fluent conversation is driven to a standstill by the long wait-times of translation apps.

With 8 offline languages, and over 90 accents in 40 languages available for download, these slim travel AirPod lookalikes can live-translate conversations with over 95% accuracy and a wait-time of just 0.3 seconds!

I don’t have much use for them on my non-existent holidays… but they’ll certainly come in handy with foreign partners… 

… and I’m looking forward to setting my wife’s English to translate to Chinese, close my eyes, and picture myself floating down the Yangtze River.


Limited time offer

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