Trigger Point Rocker

Trigger Point Massage Tool

key advantages

  • Relax & De-stress
  • Improve Posture
  • Increase blood circulation




June 2021


EDC GearHousehold

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Early Bird | Trigger Point Rocker

Included items:

1x Trigger Point Rocket

1x Find Peace for Your Back eBook

Limited time offer

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We’ve Found Nirvana For Your Back

Have you ever seen that video of that person getting their back licked with a dragon’s tongue? Wait what?!

Supposedly, it’s the most therapeutic treatment for your back. How so?

Well, have you ever been triggered by anything? If so, this product will definitely push your buttons and trigger you even more… But in the best way possible…

Targeting 13 trigger points, this back saver will relieve your neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain in just 5-10 minutes by hitting 3 major pressure point regions. How about that?

The first time something pushes your buttons without pissing you off. Curious to see what that looks like? Check it out!


Limited time offer

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