An Always Charged Power Bank

key advantages

  • Ultra small design
  • Unique solution to the problem of forgetting to charge your power bank
  • Easy to carry with you




June 2020


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Most popular Perk

1 TAU + 1 Dock

Included items:

1x TAU and Dock

$20 $32

Do you have a power bank? Do you use it? Me neither… 

So, how do you deal with the existential dread of carrying around a potential iBrick? 

Of waiting on a date with 3% battery remaining? Of losing power as you’re trying to GPS your way to your client’s office? 

TAU is the power bank you’ll never forget to bring, you’ll never forget to charge—and it’s so small, you’ll forget you have it on you!

From the team that delivered 5 successful similar products to over 100,000 happy backers across the world—this mini device attaches to your keychain, and gives you a much needed 50% charge to get you through the day.

Get home and just hang your keys from its wireless charging station by the door, to ensure you have charge for tomorrow… and you don’t forget where you put your keys.

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