Smart Belt Ultimate

4 in 1 Accessory

key advantages

  • 32 micro-adjustments for every body size
  • Ultra durable - made with Italian leather
  • Made in eco-friendly way




September 2020


Wearable Tech Gadgets

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1 Smart Belt – Early Bird

Included items:

1x Smart Belt Ultimate

$118    $59

Limited time offer

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Gaining Weight has Never Been This Easy!

I woke up this morning. Put on my smart socks while I watched my smart TV. Pulled up my smart pants as I checked my smart fridge. Slid into my smart shoes and bid my smart home farewell. I checked my smart phone before sitting in my Smart car. And when I got to the shops, I felt like a fool…

I’d forgotten my smart belt!

Spoiler Alert: There’s nothing ‘smart’ about this belt. Except for their marketing.

Your belt is your perfect scale. Every time you go up a notch, you worry a little more — until you need to punch a new hole, and then it’s madness!

But what if you never needed to punch a hole again?

Smart Belt Ultimate has 32 micro-adjustments that you can slide between invisibly. Italian leather and a kevlar core in case you need to stop bullets!

With 43,000+ backers, and $4M+ raised over their many campaigns. These are some seasoned creators. 

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Limited time offer

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