A Cordless Auto Tire Inflator

key advantages

  • Comapact and Lightweight
  • Cordless
  • Flashlight




July 2020


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Most popular Perk

1x PUMPIT(Early Bird)

Included items:

1x Pumpit

$79 $109

Limited time offer

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Kids parties are fun for kids. But who wants to blow up 100 balloons?

… with Black Eyed Peas shouting on the soundsystem, “Pump it! Louder! Pump it! Louder!”

What if you could PumpIt? But faster, silently, and portably. 

This tiny device — not much bigger than a CheerPod — can automatically achieve the perfect pressure for your car’s tires. Or inflate your bicycle’s tires on the go. 

And has enough juice to fill up 54 basketballs with air — good to know if you’re a basketball coach… 

Well. I don’t do balloons. I don’t do basketball. And now I won’t be doing the queue at the gas station waiting to inflate my tires!

Limited time offer

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