Handheld Printer

key advantages

  • All-surface printing
  • Various ink options available
  • 2x bigger print width than typical printers
  • Long battery life (1 recharge=1000 continuous prints)




October 2020


DesignEDC Gear

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Super Early Bird

Included items:

1x PrintPods Printer 1x Skin-friendly Ink Cartridge (Black) 1x Ruler


Limited time offer

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One thing I don’t miss from our open space office is people taking my stuff… my chair, my cables, someone even took my keyboard once!

When I go back, I’m printing my name on everything — with PrintPods!

We’ve covered portable printers in the past. But none that could print this wide, at such an affordable price!

The Dymo label makers of the new generation, this PrintPod prints actual ink — skin-friendly, washable, permanent or INVISIBLE — on nearly any surface!

Try out a tattoo for a week. Cheat on your exams with invisible ink (don’t!). Design t-shirts. Use it as a stamp. Post status updates around your neighborhood.

The world is now your notebook.

Limited time offer

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