Carry Sleeve Laptop Stand & Storage

key advantages

  • Highest-angle adjustable stand
  • Extendable invisible storage
  • Thin and light




August 2020


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Included items:

1x MOFT carry sleeve

$44  $59


Limited time offer

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Whenever anything tries to be more than one thing, it usually fails. Usually…

But after perfecting the foldable laptop stand and phone stands in previous campaigns, the origami masters at MOFT decided they could do more.

A laptop case, with invisible stretchy storage. That folds over to become a variable-height laptop stand… without any sacrifice in quality!

Pack all your belongings into its expandable neoprene pocket. Or take them out for that iPad-slim sleekness.

Its vegan-friendly PU leather is even waterproof and scratch resistant!

What’s next? The truly invisible Moft. So thin you really can’t even see it!

Limited time offer

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