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Product Overview

It already is the generic name for autonomous vacuum cleaners, the ROOMBA. 

The newest generation of the world’s smallest cleaning robot just got a lot smarter. 

The j7+ generation is a decent improvement over the previous generation. 

But what do experts have to say about it? We’ve collected all the major reviews of this smart vacuum into one so you don’t have to. 

Keep reading for a comprehensive iRobot Roomba j7+ Review. 


Dimensions13.34 x 13.3 x 3.4 inches
Weight7.50 lbs
SurfaceCarpet, tile, hardfloor
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Who should buy this (pulling strengths and weaknesses of the product)

People who need a vacuum to do background cleaning but still insist on vacuuming themselves once in a while. The Roomba j7+ is perfect for pet owners who weren’t sure an autonomous vacuum could handle pet hair and avoid poop.   

The iRobot Roomba j7+ is an improvement over the previous generations, with stronger sucking power, and P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise).

With smart detection, it navigates your home avoiding everything from shoes, and any poop your pet left behind, to electric cords. You never have to pick up anything in its way. 

With a self-emptying bag, you don’t have anything to worry about. The Roomba empties its vacuumed contents into a bag that you just pick up and throw away without having to deal with any dust clouds. 

Many reviewers have also mentioned that it may take a few tries for it to map your house, but once it knows where to go, you get a consistently tidy floor. 

One of its strongest selling points is being able to order your Roomba to clean certain parts of your home without it running an entire route. 

We recommend you really read the user guide and watch the setup instructional videos because it really is a setup-and-done vacuum. Some reviewers mentioned that they used to follow their Roomba around all of the time to make sure it didn’t wreck anything but after the first few times realized it does its job perfectly fine and the whole point of it is to leave it to clean autonomously. 

The only real surprise that reviewers didn’t expect is how loud the trash compartment is. It sounds like a shop-vac, but only for a few seconds. 

If you’re looking for something more compact we could recommend the Eufy RoboVac G30

What are the experts saying?

We’ve read all the most credible reviews of the product and collected them to give you the most comprehensive overview of what experts think.


iRobot j7+

The general opinion taken from the iRobot Roomba j7+ reviews is that it is a well-made high-end vacuum cleaner that has made significant upgrades from the previous generations. It is better designed for pet owners, with improved object detection, and empties waste directly into an enclosed bag system. 

You are getting what you paid for, a state-of-the-art autonomous vacuum cleaner from the brand that launched the category. iRobot has been leading the industry and we can honestly say that they are consistently ranked as one of the best autonomous cleaning robots. 

Object Detection

The Roomba j7+ has a front camera that can detect what is in front of it and will send a picture to your phone if it does not recognize what it is for you to decide if it should go over it or not.

 This will save you the trouble of having to constantly follow your Roomba and see if it is doing anything it shouldn’t. It learns in real time and after a few rounds, it knows exactly what to do.

It also sends you back a report, letting you know where it had some trouble cleaning and what you can do to help it improve.

Cleaning Potential

iRobot J7+

This thing sucks. It has the most powerful suction ever seen in a Roomba, a side sweeping brush, and dual multi-surface rubber brushes.

The side sweeping brush makes sure to pick up and loosen any nearby debris for a more efficient clean than just the surface brush.

The Dual multi-surface rubber brush does a good job of picking up debris of almost any size, shape, or surface, thanks to its sticky but easy-to-clean rubber texture. 

The power-lifting suction does most of the heavy lifting and is something to write home about.


iRobot j7+

The real reason you are getting a Roomba j7+ is for convenience. It cleans your floors for you and all you have to empty a pre-sealed bag every once in a while. 

The only real downside is that you have to buy specific bags from iRobot but they do come pretty cheap and when your Roomba empties its content into the bag it is going to be VERY loud. 

If you made a mess at home and just need spot cleaning, you can tell your Roomba, “Clean the kitchen floor” and it will pair with your smart home device to know where to clean. 

It charges itself so there is no real need to do much upkeep besides tending to brushes every once in a while. 


It has the same look as most of the previous Roombas, charcoal colored that matches the dock. 

It isn’t the smallest autonomous vacuum but it is low enough to go under most furniture. 

Roomba’s keep your floor looking clean, it doesn’t need to be that good-looking. 

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What are the customers saying? 

Over 5,000 customers have left reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4 and a half stars. We went ahead and combed through the reviews to bring you the highlights. 

From what we see, customers seem to be glad they purchased their iRobot Roomba, even though it did have some minor flaws. 

This Roomba review mentions:

That this being their first Roomba purchase, they thought it was not cleaning as well as they expected and that upkeep costs were going to be a huge turn-off. 

They mainly got it for being a silent vacuum that didn’t scare their cat, and that it does most of the hard work for you. 

They later came back and gave an update that they are actually happier with the Roomba because it was tweaked over time to clean different surfaces in different ways, leaving a cleaner floor behind. 

Here is an example of a longtime customer who upgraded their Roomba:

While it is a bit higher of a price point, it is definitely worth it for less of a hassle. 

Protection Plan

If you want to make sure your Roomba is insured, there is a 2-year protection plan available on Amazon for $54.99 and 3 years for $73.99. If you go through iRobot’s website, a 2-year plan is $149.99, and 4-year plan is $199.99.

Getting it on Amazon offers bigger savings. 


You can go to iRobots’s website right now and buy the board for $799

It ships for Free

If you want to purchase it on Amazon for $739 you can get free shipping which would arrive in a week or two or pay extra for 3-day shipping.

If you can find a better deal on Amazon that has stock, definitely take it, it is a bit more expensive on iRobot’s site.  


Overall, it is definitely worth purchasing an iRobot j7+ if you have a smart home and love smart devices that make your life easier. 

Over time the return you get on not having to clean up the floor and the self-emptying bag saves you from annoying chores and it only gets better over time. 

Your little Roomba learns how you liked your home cleaned and lets you know if it sees something it does not recognize.

Is it an investment? Yes, just under $800 is not what you would usually spend on a vacuum. But for a quiet self-emptying vacuum that cleans on its own? I would say it is definitely worth it. 

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