key advantages

  • High magnification power (800x)
  • Tiny & portable
  • Compatible with any smartphone




March 2021


Phone & Accessories

Most popular Perk

iMicro Q2 & C & μRuler M

Included items:

1x iMicro Q2 lens
1x iMicro C lens
1x μRuler M

Limited time offer

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Have you seen what human hair looks like at the micro-level? It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen… 

Can you tell what this is? What about these?

(small Thumbnail Photo {Human Hair}) (Two More nescafe + bee leg)

If you were curious about what human hair looked like at the micro-level… this is it! The other two are Nescafe and a Honey Bee Leg! 

No longer do you have to wait for science class to get under the microscope. Now it’s easy to explore the micro-world with your phone with iMicro Q2.


Limited time offer

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