key advantages

  • 5 mins quick charge from 0 power
  • Up to -40'C pre-heating technology
  • Charger for other devices through Type-C & USB




December 2020


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Alpha 100-Super Early Bird

1x HULKMAN Alpha 100
12V Ergonomic Needle-Nose Battery Clamps
BSC 65W Wall Charger

Limited time offer

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The defibrillator for your car

Having trouble getting to work in the morning? 

Just can’t get started? It’s not the flu…  but in the dead of winter, your car definitely is cold. 

In the age of functional and efficient technology, we’re talking AI here…. we’re still dealing with the simple problems of cold starts. 


Well, a simple problem should have a simple solution. And HulkMan has it…

-40 degree weather? No problem.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere in a storm? Easy.

Windy day at the dunes? Totally fine. 

This water and dustproof Jump Starter not only will revive your car in the coldest weather, but it also has the capability to charge all of your devices with USB ports ready!

Portable like a battery pack. Powerful to jumpstart your car up to 100 times…

Become your own hero, with the Hulkman.


Limited time offer

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