GoSun Flow

Clear Water Maker

key advantages

  • Water purifier
  • Transforms into sink or shower
  • Compact and portable
  • Solar power




August 2020


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GoSun Flow+Faucet+Sink

Included items:

Collapsible Sink Basin Flex Faucet w/ Clamp & Switch GoSun Flow

$199 $399

Limited time offer

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Clean water!

As Bruce Lee said, “Become like water my friend,” go with the Flow!

GoSun Flow is an effortless way to make sparkling clean water from even the dirtiest puddle, filtering out 99.99% of every pathogen with a multi-stage nano aluminum, high-efficiency carbon and polypropylene filter.

Perfect for hiking or camping, the device weighs less than a bottle of water, yet it can connect to your phone and filter 100 gallons on just one charge!

Or travel with it, and save on the iffy tap water, painful bathroom visits and expensive bottled varieties… 

And with its full set of accessories, you can even have a hot-water shower in the dead of winter, or enjoy a summer picnic with the full-on solar kitchen, complete with a solar-powered cooler and table!

Limited time offer

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