All-in-one Dog Leash

key advantages

  • Training up to 4 dogs simultaneously
  • Sound control, vibration control, built-in LED lights
  • Water tank and waste storage




July 2020


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Included items:

1x GoGoLeash handle 1x Training Collar 1x Safety Belt 1x Reflective Leash

$49  $159

Limited time offer

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Going for a dog walk is so easy. If you’re the dog.

I have to remember to grab the ball, the chew rope, the poop bags, water, bowl, whistle… not the leash, Pat always grabs that.

And where do I put it all? Now I need a backpack?

GoGoLeash is the all-in-one dog walking leash. Just 1 item, that includes it all.

Besides room for 4 leashes, a water pouch and bowl, a poop bag compartment and its small ergonomic handle…

GoGoLeash even includes flashlights, and a collar attachment with remote controlled sounds and humane vibrations to call back or train your best friend!

Limited time offer

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