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Gas price goes up, gas price goes (not quite) down. This cycle has been repeating for decades but we are reaching a breaking point where we can’t justify getting conventional gasoline-powered vehicles anymore.

So like many of us, you head out to get a smart electric vehicle but are stuck on a waitlist. The future is indeed here, it just has a bit of a wait time to meet up with demand. 

One other modern marvel of transportation you should consider waiting for other than a slick electric sedan or SUV is a futuristic motorcycle

What better place to look than one of the pioneers of modern race motorcycle technology, Erik Buell. After working on racing bikes at Harley Davidson, Buell founded different racing companies, one of which is Fuell, a crowdfunding-powered electric bike company. 
In this review, we will be going over the Fuell Fllow electric motorcycle, a long-range electric bike, and see if it gives this emerging market a run for its money.

The Product


We can talk about range, power, and style, but what comes as extra options on electric cars is standard on the Fuell Fllow motorcycle. The Fuell Fllow is loaded with safety and luxury features like front and side collision warning, blind spot detector, linked intelligence ABS, an interactive dashboard, and much more. 

After a successful crowdfunding campaign with Flluid, their 500W electric bicycle, they are tackling their most ambitious project yet. Just like Tesla revolutionized the electric car world, the Fuell Fllow plans on delivering an electric commuter motorcycle with cargo space, a range of 150+ urban miles, and fast charging.

Using a bike to commute is now a reality for more people who don’t want to get sweaty cycling, have a long distance to cover, need usable storage space, or want extra safety features to ride with more assurance.  

The smarter cars are getting, the more we rely on smart features to aid us while driving. Fuell really is at the forefront of creating a bike that people will fully utilize instead of just slapping on bells and whistles. For bringing much needed next generation tech to one of the oldest vehicles of mankind, this deserves a strong 9/10.

Product Innovation Score
9 /10


Fuell FllowPursange E-TrackerKalk INK&
Price$10,995 $9,425$12,580
Weight400 lbs324 lbs174 lbs
Range150 miles87 miles51 miles
Collision warning
Blind Spot Detection
Charge Time (0-100%)30 min6 hours3 hours

You are getting the most bang (and bling) for your buck with the Fllow. Being lightweight or fast just can’t make up for new integrated technology that we already know and love in this new era of smart vehicles. 

While both the Pursange and Kaik are made in Europe and are high-quality builds, you just can’t compete with the man behind the Buell Electric Motorcycle Company. While Fuell only had a lower-end Flluid with a 500W motor, they still have years of experience working with big budgets on more complex bikes meant for a larger market. 

With such high ambitions, this very much has the potential to be the benchmark other electric bikes are held to.

Product Competitiveness Score
35 /40

The Team


Again, the mastermind behind Fuell is Erik Buell! This man has run his own motorcycle company that was bought by Harley Davidson and is known for his contributions to the industry with some of the most innovative and usable motorcycles to date, using inventions like a hollow aluminum frame to house the fuel and create chassis rigidity.

Fuell’s other cofounder François-Xavier Terry has decades of practice investing in motorcycle startups. His firm specializes in cost optimization and he brings his expertise with advanced design, marketing, and production techniques.

Fuell isn’t some ragtag team of hopeless romantics. From their engineering team to design, everyone has had experience with personal transportation. With a big reputation on the line, we are keeping our hopes high with this one.

Team Reliability Score
30 /30


Fuell has had a previous successful electric bike campaign, Flluid,   that has already been delivered, and other than complaints about the seat height, everyone in the IndieGoGo campaign comment section seems satisfied. 

On the Prelaunch.com comment section, we see that Fuell has managed to respond to every comment and concern. There is still a whole nother year until the Fuell Fllow release date, so people are a bit impatient. Overall Fuell knows how to keep their customers in the loop, their previous campaign had over 30 updates in the span of the campaign which is a lot more than most.

Team Attitude Score
20 /20


Is this something to be excited about? We think so. Given how far electric smart cars have come, Fuell isn’t breaking new ground in technology, they are just integrating it into a new medium of transportation as old as time, the bicycle. 

If you are thinking about a Fuell Fllow, but still haven’t looked up Erik Buell yet, why are you still reading this review?!?! This man knows the ins and outs of motorcycles and is not a stranger to putting electric motors on them. This isn’t the aspiring project of a bike enthusiast trying to make a name for himself or herself, this is an ambitious project by one of the biggest names in the industry. 

The beauty of this bike isn’t going to be so much the range, speed, or looks, as much as the comfort of having modern-day safety features that make driving cars much safer. Remember when you could drive without a backup camera? Times are changing, technology is advancing, and we are seeing more and more products actually implement them, one small step at a time.

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Fuell Fllow
Fuell Fllow

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