key advantages

  • Fast speed
  • Light weight
  • Eye-care mode




May 2021


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Super Early Bird Lite

included items:

1x DUEX Lite

1x USB-C cable

1x USB-C to A adapter

1x Magnetic backing set (4)

Limited time offer

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Double your laptop’s screen real-estate

Looking to get into the real-estate market? Right now is the perfect time to double your screen space and fit in that extra window, tab, or program you’ve always wanted to simultaneously have.

Have that elaborate dual-monitor “boss-mode” home office set up? It’s awesome, right? Well then have the same when you’re out camping, at a coffee shop, or at that baby-shower. When you’re on the go, make your single-screen laptop a double-shot espresso and power out your digital session with an extra 12.5” or 13.3” magnetically attached display. Get a thesis done in half the time, send double the emails, double your scorestreaks, get that promotion, get an all-paid vacation to Hawaii…
*Disclaimer: not proven statements, but doesn’t mean it can’t be true…


Limited time offer

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