Astro 4K

Wireless Touchscreen Portable Monitor

key advantages

  • Truly wireless connection
  • 10 point touchscreen
  • Built-in 10,000mAh Battery




January 2020


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Astro 4K 15.6″

Included items:

Astro 4K UHD Monitor 15.6″

$399 $599

I carry around my small netbook and phone all day, just aching to get back to the office where I have 2 decent-sized monitors.

I used to carry around a 16-inch laptop, but my back really thanked me for downsizing.

My eyes and productivity, however, did not. And neither did my clients or business partners, who had to squint with me as I showed them the latest progress on a tiny screen.

So what are my options?

Lugging around a monitor or two in my backpack? With their display cables, stands, power supplies…

Or getting an ASTRO 4K! 

A fully wireless touchscreen monitor that extends iPhone, Android, Windows or Apple displays for up to 8 hours on a single charge!

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