Ajazz K620T

Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

key advantages

  • Synced work on 3 devices
  • Wired and wireless working
  • 4400 mAh battery




October 2020


EDC Gear

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Inlcuded items:

1x Ajazz K620T Keyboards  

Limited time offer

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Turn Your iPad into a Retro Desktop from the 80s

Robert, Skye and Narek all agreed with dozens from the Tech I Want Facebook community that it’s “time to test the big hype of mechanical keyboards…”

Making this my and our community’s favorite product of the week! Thanks for voting!

Ajazz K620T might not be your endgame keyboard, but it sure packs a punch in its compact 60% form.

With its massive 4,400 mAh battery, you’ll be typing away for nearly 900 hours before having to plug it in via its USB-C port.

And with its flexible Bluetooth connectivity, you really can forget the cables — connect up to 3 devices at once. And switch between Whatsapp on your phone, WordPress on your laptop, and Docs on your tablet in a snap.

Forget that flimsy iPad keyboard case. With Ajazz’s handy device holder, you can stand your iPad up, connect, and create a great portable retro computer setup.


Limited time offer

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