Auto-Tracking Smartphone stand

key advantages

  • Face Tracking
  • Action Tracking
  • Stream live on 30+ platforms simultaneously
  • 9 Quick Creation modes




January 2020


Phone & Accessories

Most popular Perk

Pivo Full Pack

Included items:

Pivo App, Remote Control, Turntable, Lightbox, Pivo Pod, Action mount

$154 $279

I tried to convince my buddy to film my Instagram Story. 

He’s not my friend anymore… 

Luckily, the guys and gals over at Pivo made me a new friend when they invented a tiny monopod with active tracking and face recognition!

I set up my Android phone (works with iPhones too) atop it… 

Grab my guitar and wig…

Snap my fingers…

And it’ll automatically start following me around as I give the concert of a lifetime to my freaked out son!

If that wasn’t creative enough, you can take Pivo even further!

Use it to shoot up to 2-hour-long rotating hyperlapses, or film your amazing plate of green salad spin round and round—your own Lazy Susan! And when you have your film shot successfully with your smartphone, watch it on a bigger screen of your laptop using the lightest and smallest portable laptop stand – Mantiz. Enjoy the creating and watching experience. You deserve it!

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