Auto-Tracking Smartphone stand

key advantages

  • Face Tracking
  • Action Tracking
  • Stream live on 30+ platforms simultaneously
  • 9 Quick Creation modes




January 2020


Phone & Accessories

Most popular Perk

Pivo Full Pack

Included items:

Pivo App, Remote Control, Turntable, Lightbox, Pivo Pod, Action mount

$154 $279

I tried to convince my buddy to film my Instagram Story. 

He’s not my friend anymore… 

Luckily, the guys and gals over at Pivo made me a new friend when they invented a tiny monopod with active tracking and face recognition!

I set up my Android phone (works with iPhones too) atop it… 

Grab my guitar and wig…

Snap my fingers…

And it’ll automatically start following me around as I give the concert of a lifetime to my freaked out son!

If that wasn’t creative enough, you can take Pivo even further!

Use it to shoot up to 2-hour-long rotating hyperlapses, or film your amazing plate of green salad spin round and round—your own Lazy Susan!

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