The Grass Is Always Greener On… This Side

key advantages

  • Small and beautiful
  • Self-watering system
  • Telescopic LED grow lights




May 2020



Most popular Perk

1x PICO Set

Included items:

1x PICO 3x Interchangeable mounts

$29 $45

Hello, I’m Danniel. And I’m a serial killer.

I’ve killed a lot… of plants!

Too little water. Too much. Not enough sunlight. Not enough attention.

I love the idea—having colorful, air-purifying nature around the house, livening up the place, growing my own greens organically—but I just don’t have the time.

Now, with Pico, I think I’m ready to give it another try!

This sleek little plant pot is full of features that make sure you’ll not only never kill a plant again, but you’ll do an even better job at plant parenting than nature.

With its self-watering mechanism and 4 powerful OSRAM LEDs that cover the full spectrum of light your green friends need, Pico can grow plants up to 5x faster!

Put it anywhere thanks to its magnetic, velcro and screw mounts. Or just place it in the darkest corner of your home for a little light.

Check out our review of the Pico here:

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