Monument 2

Photo Storage Device

key advantages

  • AI based photo organization
  • Optional built-in SSD
  • Face & image recognition




May 2021


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Monument 2

Included items:

1x Monument 2

1x Universal Power Supply

Limited time offer

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Your Digital Secretary

Hoarding photos again? Videos? Are your kids telling you to get rid of your stuff?
Have they called you in for an intervention?

No need to worry. We have the perfect specialist for you… 

The Hoard Doctor. Or let’s just say Monument 2. Your digital secretary. 

It’s 2020. Things are fast. Connections are fast. Photos… Fast. All that adding up… you guessed it, FAST.

With A.I. based organization, automatic back-up with no fees and SSD, Monument is your digital lifesaver, putting the best of iCloud, Google Photos, and other systems under one hood.

Time to call your secretary.

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Limited time offer

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