MOFT X - Invisible Stand for Phone and Tablet


Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Phone/Tablet

key advantages

  • Landscape & portrait mode
  • Car-mount attachment
  • 3 card holder
  • Thin & lightweight


estimated delivery

Best choice

Early Bird – Combo

Included items:

1x Phone Stand
1x Tablet Stand

$35 $45

Ever find balancing your phone on something to get it in just the right position an absolute pain.

Just to have it fall flat? This is enough to make anyone go barking mad.

Well excuse me but you should check out MOFT X. A thin foldaway wallet that can hold your personal cards as well as function as a stand.

We have all sorts of versions… for your phone, tablet, Kindle, just about anything.

We want to put an end to the struggle of trying to get your device into the perfect position to watch that episode of Rick and Morty whilst you balance a bowl of popcorn on your chest.

With MOFT, you can get comfy and watch away, without having your device violently fall flat just before the main villain reveals his identity.

Super thin and super light, it’ll be almost invisible!

It even has a slot so that you can put 3 cards inside for quick and handy access next time you’re on a spending spree.

MOFT X provides the joyous experience of being hands-free when viewing something on your device. Let your hands sip a cup of tea, or munch away on something whilst your favorite show is on.

No sudden smacks as your phone slips and fails to give you the viewing experience you deserve.

Why don’t you check out MOFT X for yourself with this link? Get a full brief of on all the luscious perks that make this a must-have.

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