Personal 3D Cinema

key advantages

  • Advanced visual quality through high PPI & PPD
  • Versatile device compatibility
  • Portable through a wireless cast




March 2021


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Included items:

1x GOOVIS Cast
1x GOOVIS Powerbank Base

Limited time offer

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Seeing A New World, In Crystal Clear 3D Cinema

Look we know… AR and VR are all the hype right now. You’ve seen the gimmicks. You’ve seen the cool applications. 
But you haven’t seen a new world through these lenses. Exaggerating? If only.

If you want to talk about crystal clear, you know what an OLED screen looks like; high powered 4K monitors, the iPhone 12. We’re talking pixels here. Lots of them.And Goovis? They like pixels. As the Oculus Quest 2 brings in 758 Pixels Per Inch, Goovis lite managed to fit 4,523. I think that’s called a pixel party. Especially when that party includes 600” of viewing experience! One thing is pretty clear…

Parties for 1 will forever be changed!

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Limited time offer

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