Flynova Pro

Boomerang Spinner

key advantages

  • Flies like a boomerang
  • Dynamic RGB lights
  • Drop-resistant




November 2020


Cool Tech

Most popular Perk

Super Early Bird x1

Included items:

1x Flying Spinner
USB Power Cord

Limited time offer

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Rethink The Way You Boomerang

The world of HoverTech is here. And it’s coming with a wave of unrelenting fun. If you’ve ever played with a boomerang or frisbee, this takes things to new heights… literally. 

This is one of those thing’s you’d buy for your kids… but end up using for yourself. Sorry kids…

Oh… and your pets might get a kick out of it too.

With 2 campaigns under their belt on IndieGoGo, this one is sure to take off! Pun Intended…

Check out Kickstarter’s most funded Tech & Design category products of 2020 here!


Limited time offer

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