key advantages

  • Comfortabe
  • Hastle-free set up
  • High motion speed




September 2021


Cool Tech

Most popular Perk

YAW2 (2DoF, w/o seat)

Included items:

1x Yaw2 

Limited time offer

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Stimulates Your Senses In 4D 

The dream of living within a digital reality has emerged as a realistic possibility. Get ready to take a seat, throw on a VR headset, and immerse yourself in a reality you never have experienced before. This high-grade motion simulation chair will pitch, roll, and rotate to your racing, flight, and space combat simulator putting you right into the situation; testing your motor functions and stimulating your senses. Welcome to the new dimension.

  • Free customizable app, Sim Racing Studio supports over 80 VR games + SimTools supports over 120 VR games 
  • Free Controller App for Wi-Fi connection, setting limits or maximum speed, and diagnostic functions such as temperature monitoring or displaying connection quality
  •  Motion compensation application for having a full 3D experience, 70° Pitch Motion, 40° Roll Motion, 360° Rotation
  • Ultra-low latency, Exceptionally high motion speed (up to 360°/s) Built-in vibration: (e.g. speed, acceleration, an engine’s RPM or from getting shot etc.)

Limited time offer

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