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December 2019


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We love VR, but with cameras costing well above half a thousand bucks, we haven’t gotten into it as much as we’d like.

ViewPT Nano opens the doors. The world’s first 4K 3D VR Live Streaming camera is available now for a measly $99. Count us in!

With 30 FPS, 4k Video, and high-quality components, this is the perfect camera for live streaming! From music, sport or filming a toddler crawling around the living room, we can’t wait to test out the incredible quality this item promises.

Just attach it to the top of your phone, a tripod or hold it and it will give you super realistic footage.

It uses two lenses, so that everything it captures is transformed into ultra high definition 3D, making its footage truly pristine.

Moreover, its powerful components don’t weigh it down. It’s light, compact and portable, meaning you get the experience of a bulky professional camera, without taking up any space.

The footage it takes is compatible with all the main social media platforms including Facebook. Instagram, and Twitter.

It stores enough power for 1 hour duration of filming, perfect for my daughter’s recitals.

ViewPt Nano, gives you all the professional benefits you strive for in a giant camera. And even if it doesn’t… it only cost $99!

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