key advantages

  • 11+ Culinary Modes
  • Automated Cooking Process
  • Space-Saving Design




September 2021


HouseholdKitchen Gadgets

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1x TOKIT Omni Cook

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The Keyboard That’s Truly Lit

Do you suck at cooking? Great. Are you great at cooking? Great! At the end of the day, if you’re looking to take a back seat or the driver seat in the kitchen, you have the option to choose with this Master’s Chef Assistant.

You can be classy, messy, or a pure artist with this ALL-in-One Quickly search across channels, turn captions one, everything you’ll ever need, kitchen tool. Like literally, it has everything…

  • Built-In 11+ Culinary modes
  • Replaces 21 cooking gadgets
  • 7-inch touch screen with a cloud recipe database
  • Automated Cooking Process and Self-Cleaning

Limited time offer

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