The Camera Pack

Peter McKinnon X NOMATIC

key advantages

  • Separate parts for clothing and camera gear
  • Water resistant
  • Small backpack within the big




April 2020


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Included items:

The Cube Pack,
The Camera Pack,
Cases for the Accessories

$559 $675

Calling all photography and travel enthusiasts!

Anyone with itchy feet knows that taking a bulky camera along on your journey can be a real pain in the rear.

A rucksack weighing you down can be annoying enough. But add to that, a camera bag, balanced on your shoulder, and even the keenest nomad photographer’s trip will be ruined!

The Camera Pack is an ingenious solution that will let you focus 100% on your journey.

Designed by filmmaker and travel extraordinaire Peter McKinnon, this stylish rucksack is designed to contain both your clothes and necessities with a detachable compartment at the bottom for your camera items.

It’s ready for over a week’s worth of travels—perfect for long treks and hikes—and it has even more tricks up its sleeve.

It is carry-on size for easy aviation travel, waterproof, and has a 7-liter clothing expansion so you can really pack this baby right up. The design has photographers and travelers in mind. External tripod storage, protective casing, and even includes dividers so you can organize everything to your heart’s content.

Extra goodies include an accessory case, memory card case, lens filter case, and a battery case.

The backpack looks rugged and durable, and with Peter McKinnon’s inputs, you can be sure that it meets all the stringent requirements of a modern traveling photographer. It will quickly pay for itself in terms of convenience and pleasure of use.

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