key advantages

  • Durable Materials
  • Simple Storage with Carrying Case
  • Magnetic Modular USB connectors




September 2021


Cool TechDesign

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All-in-one supporter

Included items:

1x USB C plug 

1x Lightning (Apple) plug M

1x Micro USB plug 

1x USB A adapter 

1x Organizer and Magnetic Cable

Limited time offer

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The Environmentally Conscious Classy Charging Cable

How many devices do you own? If you skipped on the Nebia shower and actually plan on taking that trip to the Amazon, you might need to grab a bunch of cables, or just one Syllucid.

You can literally throw all your cables away and just keep one with a magnetic modular connection. Magnetic? If your cords get tugged on, or have different charging USB Ports, then the Syllucid is a solid option.

  • Magnetic Modular USB connectors
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Durable with 100% recycled Nylon Braiding
  • Simple Storage with Carrying Case

Limited time offer

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