Outdoor Gear Bag

key advantages

  • Serves as a bag & box at the same time
  • Advanced waterproof system
  • Removable pouches & straps




June 2021


Backpacks & Bags

Most popular Perk

Early Bird Bundle

Included items:

1x RUX 70L

2x Nesting Totes

EDC Pouch

2x Utility STraps

Limited time offer

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Big To Small.. You Can Carry It ALL

The Great Outdoors… Always ready to push your limits on your next adventure. But are you ready to carry the weight of the challenge, as well the weight of your equipment?

Some say you’re only as good as the gear that takes you there… 

Well with an EVA foam lid, amazing organization capacity and carrying possibilities, RUX is pretty good.

Need it? It’s there for you. Strapped! Don’t? Collapse it for the next round. 

The ultimate solution for outdoor packing is here. Where to next?


Limited time offer

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