UVC & Ultrasonic Sanitizer

key advantages

  • 4 UV-C lights
  • Ultrasonic wave
  • Low noise
  • 24 AI sensors




December 2019


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$449 $1,024

Do you ever wonder… what is lurking in my bed?

Not my bed. Your bed!

Well, I’m sorry to report this, but your bed is a filthy mess… you animal. 

And I’m not just questioning your crappy bed-making skills.

Your bed contains countless bacteria and other icky germs, making it a cesspit for catching all sorts of illnesses.

Did you realize that? Your bed may be the rat in the ranks, the Judas of your household items.

Check out Rockubot.

Rockubot is a small helper robot that has a very clear function, automatically skidding across your bed or sofa and exterminating your unwanted guests, your very own Dalek.

Mites, bed bugs, germs, viruses, will face complete and utter destruction in the face of this beast which would give the global military-industrial complex a run for its money.

So, how does this contraption work? Well, it’s quite simple, it uses ultrasonic waves and UV lights to liquidate 99.99% of unwanted bacteria.

So if you have a dog or don’t have time to change your sheets often you should get this instead of getting the sniffles.

Also if you have an old person at home who’s susceptible to illness or a youngster. Have a heart and save them from catching something with this little robocop.

It’s small and compact so chuck it anywhere, no need to throw your spouse’s stuff away to make space and it’s a quiet and shy machine, it won’t make an annoying hum.

Just put it on your bed and sofa, turn it on and let Rockubot do allll the rest.

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