Revov Tray Box

An Organizer For Everyday Carry

key advantages

  • Minimalistic design
  • Rotating mechanism
  • The modularized dividers




July 2020


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1x w/divider

Included items:

Revov Tray box The Modularized Dividers

$57 $70

Limited time offer

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Remember when tables had drawers?

Now, it seems every “cool” workspace has a “minimalist” table with a board atop 4 steel legs. 

Very photogenic. Not very practical.

Charging cables. Wallet. Keys. Coins. Devices. Pens. Papers. Flash drives… my table looks like a bomb went off!

And I’m sure there’s more there, but I can’t see it through the mess.

Oh! That sandwich from last week!

After a few successful campaigns, Revov is back with a very photogenic work of minimalist design—that is also highly practical!

The oddly-satisfying magnetic tray box has a compartmentalized tray up top for quick-access items, and spins open weightlessly to reveal a subdued modular interior.

The magnets hold the lid in its opened and closed positions. But spinning it will provide endless—and swanky!—fiddling entertainment.

With its high-quality beech and aluminum finish, it’ll match my office’s hipster table perfectly

Limited time offer

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