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  • Expendable




October 2020


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Included items:

1x Radient sling bag


Fashion is cyclical. 

At the end of the 1800s, the modern turtleneck—then known as the roll neck—appeared. 

Then it disappeared. Made a comeback. Grandma’s closet. Steve Jobs. Vanished… you get the idea.

Shoulder sling bags face a similar wave.

But Urbanature’s Radiant Urban Sling bag holds timeless functional appeal.

Firstly, it looks amazing. Like something Batman would wear. Not Bruce Wayne. Batman.

Magnetic wings that open up to reveal hidden pockets. Innovative semi-open storage to attach bike locks and umbrellas. Quick release. Expandable compartments. Adjustable straps. Swing it round to access. Strap it tight and run. 

It’s got your back—pun intended.

With a community of over 10,000 happy backers, raising nearly $1M to back their four successful Kickstarter projects—Urbanature’s stylish results speak for themselves.

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