key advantages

  • 3D image processing
  • Seamless painting
  • Quick and Convenient




October 2021


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Nimble | Early Bird

Included items:

1x Nimble Device

3x Capsule Sets

1x Charging Cable

Companion App

Limited time offer

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Your Nails. Done Your Way.

The time has come to cancel your salon appointment. Forever… Or at least your at-home paint sessions. You can be the Picasso of self-applied nail polish, but would you rather have all the knowledge and mastery of every revolutionary painter join their expertise into a nail painting machine?

  • High-Res micro cameras capture the size, shape, and curve of your nails.
  • 3D Image Processing for perfect calibration and painting.  
  • Robotic arm perfectly applies 4 layers (Base, 2X Color, Top Coats)
  • Comes with a native companion app

Limited time offer

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