Self-Follow Smart Luggage

key advantages

  • 4.3 Miles Ride-On
  • 6.2 Miles Self-Following
  • Obstacle Avoidance




February 2020


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Naucrates 20″

$499 $899

Ever gone on a long walk through an international airport? Pulling your luggage about whilst it hits your ankle causing agony…

Well, check this out: Naucrates.

It’s pretty simple. What you do is sit on your luggage and ride it, like a fricking horse.

One of the most ridiculous but brilliant items we’ve seen.

Be that UFO in the airport that children are pointing to and saying, “Mommy, who’s that crazy person riding his luggage around?”

AT 4.3mph, intuitive joysticks and comfy foot support, this is the way of the future. One day everyone will be riding around on their luggage.

You can even put it on follow mode and it will follow you like a loyal dog. No need to use hands, because using your hands is so old school. 

You might be thinking, this sounds dangerous? What about all the road collisions it could cause or 3 luggage pile-ups? Well, it has a feature for obstacle avoidance so Naucrates knows when it’s about to crash and send you flying across the departure terminal.

It’s a strong bugger, which can take on a weight of 120kg, so you can stand on it and it will not crack like most suitcases. Its design is pristine, its wheels and casing are made of the finest materials so you can swerve around like a lunatic in style. 

Check out this link and see Naucrates and see the future of travel for yourself.

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