Litmor Battery Cam

Ultra Affordable Security Cam

key advantages

  • Small price
  • 1080p HD image quality
  • Recognizes people, car and animal, and send you instant alert




December 2019



Most popular Perk

2-Pack Package

Included items:

2x Enhancement Package

$140 $270

With the Litmor Battery Camera, it’s easier than ever to quell the stress of leaving your most beloved possessions unattended (except for you Linda, Tommy is way too young to be his own babysitter).

For just $39 you’ll enjoy WIRE-FREE, 1080p HD day & night crystal clear image quality, motion detection alerts sent straight to your phone, an easy to install mount for all occasions, and no monthly fees or hidden costs.

*GASPS FOR AIR* I’m out of breath, that’s a lot for just $39.

And it’s an especially cheap price to pay for the peace of mind of leaving your precious baby all alone while you’re drinking mai tais in Tahiti – and of course, I’m talking about your 2015 Hyundai Sonata (seriously Linda, you need to hire a babysitter).

With the Litmor Battery Cam, you won’t have to choose between worry-free AND wire-free, sounds like a win-win.

Stretch your use of the Litmor Battery Cam as far and wide as your imagination without having to stretch your budget. Toss out your outdated system and monitor what you love most wherever you go, including:

  • Pets
  • Cars
  • Nurseries
  • Front & backyards
  • Offices
  • Storage spaces

Someone truly caring about security? Check out Athena and SmartDrop, too! After you’ve got them all, there’s no way you feel insecure, I’m telling you!

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