Power Supply For Wilderness Survival

key advantages

  • Twirl power (also has crank mode)
  • UV water purification module
  • Start fire in wind or rain
  • Lantern/ Flashlight




November 2020


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Included items:

LIFESABER Belt Holster + SOS Beacon App USB Charging Cable + Carry Bag

$137 $182

Ever seen Bear Grylls drink the water from squeezed elephant dung? Remember when Luke Skywalker slept in the guts of a Tawntawn?

Well, not all surviving in the wilderness has to be quite that disgusting.

We are not cavemen! We have the technology!

Enter LifeSaber, the swiss army knife from the year 3000.

LifeSaber is totally badass and has one main job, that you actually SURVIVE the wilderness (without eating elephant poop).

It basically has multiple uses so you can feel like a Jedi.

Whether it’s a bear, a pack of coyotes or a serial killer, LifeSaber will mean you’re equipped to stave off any threat.

A flashlight, emergency siren, and blinding strobe. As long as you have your LifeSaber at hand you will be safe in any emergency.

On top of that, it has a fire starter, UV water purifier, and a USB charging port. So when you’re off trail you need not worry about a dead phone, dirty water or cold nights!

Just click the button and make sure you don’t meet a grizzly end next time you’re off exploring.

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