Kinetic Driver

A Screwdriver

key advantages

  • Slim design
  • Corrosion-resistant




November 2020


EDC Gear

Most popular Perk

1x Kinetic Drive

Included items:

1x Kinetic Driver
24x Precision Micro Bits
1x Organizer Case Brass or stainless steel up to your choice  

Limited time offer

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You Don’t Need This

You already have a screwdriver.

Your screwdriver also works in the rain. 

Your screwdriver also spins. 

You don’t need to enjoy screw-driving.

You don’t need to feel the perfect balanced spin of its brass weight, fly-wheeling eternally like a spinning top. 

You don’t need to question whether this is a dream. 

You don’t need to take apart your TV. Or your fridge. Or your car.

Don’t get this. 

Because you’ll never stop screwing.

Caution: Unscrewing is easy. Tech I Want is not responsible for all the things you won’t be able to put together.


Limited time offer

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